Ghost Appearance Ghost Ojek Online in Jakarta. Like What a Camera Recorded Person

Ghost Appearance Ghost

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Not long ago, the world of motorcycle taxi online dihebohkan with the online transportation orderer (Grab) originating from the cemetery in Bali. It is allegedly the act of a spirits in Bali. Probably being trendy among ghost times, ghosts order ojek online. Again, something almost the same happened in Bali. Terror ghost to ojek online this time it happened in Jakarta lho.

So the story, upload photos and videos in Instagram account that shows the figure of a creepy creature who climbed Gojek. Instantly netizen was excited and so come cringe. Want to know what kind of mysterious figure? Let's see together

An old mother's face rises on the Gojek and is captured by the camera. The figure of the mother was so scary and allegedly as a spirited creature

At first there was a middle-aged mother who was sitting on the steps of Masjid Haji Nawi, South Jakarta. After being questioned by Kyai, the mother was waiting for the motorcycle taxi to go home. Finally Mr. Kyai asked the young man who was hanging out nearby to find a motorcycle taxi. And there happened to be a nearby Gojek.

The mother was guided by the young man to ride Gojek. Together the mothers were one of the young men and the young man said

Her mother's hands are really cold.

Well, after his mother climbed the gojek one of the youth had photographed the mother who was sitting on the motor Abang Gojek. Motor was drove to deliver to the destination of the mother, namely to Lebak Bulus. There was no strangeness when Abang Gojek drove the mother home.

When it is delivered to the destination, the mother suddenly disappears when it will be given a change. Suddenly the driver scared fear and back to the youth tongkrongan earlier

Arrived at the destination, Abang Gojek received 20 thousand from the mother. When he wants to give a change of 5 thousand, eh the mother then disappeared suddenly. The surprised Abang Gojek then returned to the youth's tongkrongan earlier. He told the story to his friends. Suddenly, the young man who photographed and then look back at his picture. And the mother looks like a creepy creature. Whether true or the camera is not good, still a mystery yes.

Make a curious about the truth of this story, calm down, there is a video of eyewitnesses who witnessed the incident

In this video, Alex who works as a parking attendant so eyewitness events that took place in the early morning, about half 1 tonight. According to Alex, the mother is about 30 and up and wants to go back to Lebak Bulus. Check your own video yesWhether true or not, it is clear that this incident is being viral in social media. If that's true ghost, well let's just say euphoria rose Gojek already hit the unseen creatures. If real human, meaning hapenya camera ugly resolution. Hehehe

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