Give a pig drink to be slaughtered, this woman is threatened with a 10-year jail

Give a pig drink to be slaughtered, this woman is threatened with a 10-year jailAnita Kranj, 48, was charged with committing a criminal act for delivering liquid into a truck where pigs would be slaughtered. As a result he was threatened jail ten years.

According to Canadian media reports he can also be fined Rp 70 million.

Kranj is co-founder of Toronto Pig Save animal rights group. Members of the organization routinely wait at a stop stop where a truck containing pigs will be slaughtered through. They hoped to give the thirsty pigs a drink for the last time.

"It was a shock when I was summoned by the court, I do not believe it was demanded to give a drink to a thirsty pig and my defense is that I have been a good volunteer," Kranj said, as quoted by the Independent newspaper on Tuesday (1/12).

"If I get fined, I'd better go to jail."

The incident that made Kranj punished happened on June 22 last. At that time he splashed a bottle of water toward a truck carrying pigs in hot weather.

In a video recorded by a fellow activist, the truck driver looked angry at Kranj's behavior.

"You do it again and I will brush your hand off," said the truck driver.

"Please if you want to sue, please," Kranj replied. The driver then reentered his truck and left.

Under Canadian law, pigs are considered proprietary items that can be moved up to 36 hours without eating and drinking. The rules have been agreed by the Farm Factory Awareness Coalition.

The day after the incident, Eric Van Boekel, a pig farmer who owns the pigs in the truck complained to the police."I have no problem they (protesters) protest, but do not disturb my pig.

If we are driving at an intersection and the window is being lowered then we feel the need to drink, what would it feel like if I thrust my hand into your face? "Asked Boekel, irritated.

According to him his pigs have been treated well before being slaughtered. [pan]

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