Global Warming An Issue Behind Human Construction

Global Warming An Issue Behind Human Construction

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Global Warming: An Issue Behind Human Construction

So far we have only accepted what the media reports about global warming, we are treated to frightening issues such as global warming will save the earth, ice in the Arctic will disappear by 2020 and will drown most of the world's cities, the earth will blister in 2100. Need a global consensus to counter the effects of global warming, etc.

World media are controlled by liberals, therefore, those who resist global warming will be regarded as radical conservative right-wing activists. This, of course, results in a stage of discussion (not a scientific argument) of climatology dominated by scientists (pro Al gore).

Global problems require global solutions. So often called by world leaders. Global warming from a sociological point of view, judged not only environmental problems. But it turns out behind the viewpoint of the sociology, there are human constructions that create the existence of the issue of Global Warming.

Global warming is constructed by social actors who have influence in the social environment. Global warming is then created by policymakers and assisted by scientists in providing scientific evidence and data. Almost, the action about global warming in Indonesia goes without criticism.

When Al Gore released his documentary entitled "An Inconvenient Truth" which got an Oscar, it was as if we knew there was only one truth. Man is a person and a scapegoat for the disappearance of polar ice clusters, upon rising earth temperatures and over the natural disasters that occur.However, does everyone believe that? In the end, the issue of global warming becomes one of the strategies to generate profit for the parties concerned.

In 2006, Al Gore flew (by private plane) from his home in Tennesse to Hollywood and then toured with a limousine where he received an Oscar for his documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" commemorating the dangers of global warming and the dangers of excessive use of fossil fuels. But Gore simply states that man is the cause of global warming.

The keen scientists (one of whom is Edwin Aldrin, the second man walking on the moon) finds many lies from the movie produced by Gore. Later it turns out that scientists who agree with Gore are scientists who received a big donation from the Clinton administration (when Gore became vice president).

In the film, Gore shows reduced glacier photographs, but he does not mention other glaciers that continue to grow. Gore also mentions Kilimanjaro Glacier which continues to diminish due to global warming. But he did not say that Kilimanjaro Glaciers have been reduced since 1880, long before the levels of CO2 are rising on Earth.

Gore also claims that elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have increased global temperatures. Surprisingly in 2005, a study by the Journal Science found otherwise. Increased earth temperature has triggered elevated levels of carbon dioxide.

But the most embarrassing slap for Gore came from ABC News who found one of the footage in the documentary is a cut of the movie "The Day after Tomorrow".Not only that, the scientists later found that changes in Earth's temperature were caused by increased solar storm activity, increased volcanic activity, and a complex ocean currents system. Even at a "Scientific Consensus" conference on Global Warming caused by human actions, Prof. Latif (a former pro professor Al Gore) admits that the Earth has not been warmed for nearly a decade. According to him, it seems we will enter the period of "One or two decades where the temperature of the earth will cool down". Prof. Latif states clearly that the North Atlantic is becoming cold. And it will probably continue to cool for up to 20 years to come. This is clearly contrary to his earlier view which states that the earth will enter the deadly temperature by 2100.

This is reinforced by recent NASA findings that changes in the temperature of the earth in these decades are due to increased solar storm activity, not because you did not unplug your HandPhone charger from the outlet when it was finished using it.

Al Gore, who has become a commander in the global warming movement, owns a 10,000 square foot home in Nashville which has 20 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. While advising others to save energy, Gore spent 221,000 kilowatt hours in 2006 for his luxury home. The average use of one American household in that year was 10,656 kilowatt hours. But Gore did not have to feel guilty.

Global Warming Conspiracy Theory

Global warming is a hoax, the scientists claim from the Gore counterpart. Earth's real temperature only changes about 1 degree Fahrenheit within a century. The Earth has experienced periods of ice ages and warm periods without any human intervention.

Scientists who think this way, one of them is Steven Milloy who has a degree in Natural Science and a master's degree in Biostatistics from Johns Hopkins University. He is one of the judges for the American Association for the Advancement of Science Awards and has been asked by the American congress to testify on environmental issues.

Milloy said that global warming is "the mother of all junk knowledge". It refers to changes in the earth's temperature that occurs naturally without human intervention. when we humans are considered the scapegoat of global warming, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that 25% of methane emissions released to the atmosphere come from cattle dung.

The power that is supported by the authorities (Government)

When Gore flew his fuselage plane, he bought carbon credits from brokers (like stocks). In return, those who sell the carbon credits will receive rewards that can be used for environmental projects. The buyer of carbon credits, in this case Gore, will be called "Carbon Neutral" because although it releases a lot of carbon into the air, it creates a balance between releasing and reducing carbon.

Gore bought his carbon credits from Generation Investment ManagementLLP, a company founded in 2004. Gore is the founder and Chairman of the company.

In other words, Gore can still live his life of luxury, become an idol of activists, receive Nobel and wealthy. Sales of carbon credits in the world increased from $ 6 million in 2004 to $ 110 million in 2006.The question that then arises is that if this theory gets challenged by many highly reputable world scientists, why do world governments agree with Gore? The answer is income tax!

At about the Live Earth Concert concert organized by the Rothschild family, Al Gore announced there would be a carbon tax on a global scale to combat global warming. For the world government, additional income. Would not it be nice if the government got additional income? Yes .. But for us there will be additional tax for the fuel you buy.

With the support of the government is the construction of the issue of Global Warming as justified granted even though there are already many parties who expressed the error due to lack of evidence of Global Warming itself.


There is nothing wrong if we use a more friendly fuel and save electricity usage. Even if you want to retire vehicles that smoke a lot. Because by doing that, we learn to be a clean and healthy human being.

While waiting for an agreement from the scientists (if the agreement can be achieved), there is no harm in using fuel-efficient vehicles, using HP chargers sufficiently, saving electricity usage, planting trees at home.

But it is necessary to think again and in the criticism of the truth about Global Warming which is the construction of the ruling parties and we as people under the authorities easily accept the construction.


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