Global Warming; Facts and Interests

Global Warming; Facts and Interests

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Global warming, global warming, warm earth, greenhouse effect, depletion of the ozone layer, and some other equivalent terms may be familiar to our ears. Of course you and I are now a party that has been didoktrin with some fill (as above) as a representative of seeding understood that our world is not safe.

Our earth is seriously ill. There is a condition in which our earth's climate changes because of the increase in the average temperature of the earth. Then why the average earth temperature can increase so? The answer is an increase in greenhouse gas emissions such as: carbon dioxide, methane, dinitro oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, and sulfur hexafluoride in the atmosphere. These gases are the burning remains that occur on earth. Arguably it is poisonous gases (accessed from here). There are so many impacts arising from global warming. One of them is the melting of the polar ice caps that impact on rising sea levels. Such is the explanation of global warming in scholarship. So is it true that the explanation represents the reality of global warming that really happened?

The emergence of issues about global warming in fact bring many problems, and interests in it. There are so many struggles of interest involved in it and certainly not easy to read by everyone. Save the word there are pros and also there is a cons.

Many people are so convinced that global warming is there. The result is everything that afflicts our earth like a prolonged drought or an uncertain climate is always associated with global warming. That is the result of global warming. Thus they believe. In addition it will also affect how in practice the parties who believe the existence of the problem of global warming argue or strengthen the issues they believe. Of course, various scientific or non-scientific explanations are intended to convince the world's public that our earth is in a state of urgency. Our earth is not safe so need to be saved. Need prevention. If the cause of global warming is an increase in greenhouse gas emissions then the solution is greenhouse gases need to be reduced. Such is the logic of pro-party thinking.

But on the other side there is a stand as a counter party. Parties who are not convinced that the issue of global warming (global warming) really exists. They doubt that our earth is being terrorized by a global warming bomb. Actually nothing happened with our globe. The recent global warming brought to the public eye of the world has not been proven to be a problem. Even if the issue of global warming there is basically no harm. No harm (non-problematicity). To reinforce their opinion, any scientific explanation or argument must stand in a pro position. The position that convinces the public that global warming is not a serious disaster.

A small example like this. When there is global warming (the earth's temperature increases) then the polar ice will melt and sea levels will rise. This sea level rise for fishing groups is a fortune. Why? Due to the widespread sea water that will impact on fishing activities are also increasingly widespread. Or another example of a longer summer so the opportunity to grow for the farmers is also longer. The benefit is then we have a food misunderstanding.

Conscious or not that the global public is more sympathetic to the pro opinion. This can be seen from the number of social movements (social movement) that is oriented to save the earth. Here and there are NGOs that move in the area of ??saving the environment through reforestation for example. In addition to the term go greenyang basically appealed to the world community to further minimize the use of materials in the form of wood for buildings or furniture. Innovations in the automotive world such as the launch of an electric car is one example of its participation. Save the word making everything with the basic material of wood need or must be avoided. Why? The simple logic is that wood comes from trees. The existence of trees is needed to keep the temperature of the earth. How would it be if many trees were cut down for human needs? Earth's temperature so unbalanced is not it?

The issue of global warming should be seen as an issue that perpetuates many interests. One of them is the interests of the mass media. It is no longer a reminder that the issue of global warming is emerging internationally because of the way Media Mediums publicize its work. Many domestic and overseas media are disseminating global warming issues. From the process of occurrence, until the positive or negative impact. Profit can be obtained by the media what

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