Global Warming in An Inconvenient Truth Movie

Global Warming in An Inconvenient Truth Movie

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Many causes bring global warming up. The main cause is too much CO2 emissions in the earth's atmosphere. Now there is CO2 that exceeds 300 parts / million. If there is more CO2, the air temperature increases because it holds more hot air out of the sunlight inside. It is estimated that more than 50 years, CO2 will exceed the limit. Global Warming is a phenomenon of increasing global temperature from year to year due to the greenhouse effect caused by increased emissions of gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), dinitrooksida (N2O) and CFC so that solar energy is trapped in Earth's atmosphere. global warming can cause extreme things to the earth and have an appalling impact on humans. Then, nowadays, not many people are aware of the effects of this problem so many people assume that this problem is only a theory / fiction.

For that, the way to overcome it only needs awareness of all countries to work hand in hand in this issue and to include all human beings without exception, because without earth we are finished. Global Warming is now engulfing the world and now very familiar to us, it is this word that prompted Al Gore to uncover the sad reality of the earth through the documentary and his book Inconvenient Truth. One thing that may be an important note for people skeptical of the phenomenon of Global Warming is the danger that will occur when this is left without serious action. Global Warming is not just a mere issue, but it has become a reality that we feel today.

So, it takes serious attention and concrete actions of all parties in order to jointly save the future of the earth. One of the educational films that visually expresses the phenomenon of Global Warming is An Inconvenient Truth. The film is framed in the form of a documentary film, played by a main character namely Albert Arnold Gore Jr. and directed by Davis Guggenheim. In this film, an Al Gore succeeded in generating or menggunggah spirit of society globally in the world of film. Imagine, the visualization presented is very easily digested by many people, so the main intent and purpose in this film can be achieved as a whole. This is also evident when the first lauching done, this film immediately got a front-line record that is in great demand by everyone in particular in the United States.

There are various things that cause global warming according to AlGore including new technology for the fossil and forest exploitation, Industrialization which began to be developed without any limitation and processing waste and pollutant threshold. If the majority of scientists in this world are right, then humans have only ten years to avoid the extraordinary catastrophes that bring the planet to destruction, including climate, floods, drought, plague and deadly heat waves beyond anything we've ever experienced. Global warming will be felt the whole world without exception: Africa will experience drought, Asia will experience floods, America will experience storms and tornadoes, and the whole world will experience the impact of rising sea water. Research from experts conducted in the Greenland region shows that the earth cycle changes every year from thousands of years ago. However, a noticeable change in the earth's climate has occurred in the last ten years that continue to increase without any decline.

Mankind lives in a time bomb. If the majority of scientists in the world are right, then manu sia only has ten years to avoid the extraordinary disaster that brings planet earth to destruction including climate, weather, floods, drought, plague and deadly heat waves beyond anything we've ever experienced. AnInconvenient Truth attempts to contribute to Al Gore's persuasive and fascinating argument in describing the general global situation and condition. So, in this case we as a society that is still skeptical of the phenomenon of Global Warming may be able to clearly capture the important points of the phenomenon of Global Warming so that the joint responsibility in dealing with and resolving thoroughly with the serious actions of the causes of Global Warming itself. Because the phenomenon of Global Warming is the greatest moral challenge of all people in human civilization in the world.


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