Global Warming is Not Just Warning the Earth

Global Warming is Not Just Warning the Earth

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Undoubtedly, our earth is over 4.6 billion years old, and certainly no longer looks as fresh as it once was. Human inhabitants also increasingly extraordinary to reach ujuh billion. With all the hustle and bustle in seizing the natural resources, the interests of the region, the behavior that pollutes the environment and even the inexhaustible violent conflict (war), the long-term impact on the existence of the earth. If humans are not very clever to guard it then the earth was once surrendered with human activity and can no longer sustain life due to the tremendous damage that happened. How does consciousness limit the ambition of exploring the earth excessively to fulfill the infinite consumptive interests? Socialization that starts from the smallest environment, that is self, family and home environment effective enough? Is it true that Global Warming is an instrument of the international community (West) in suppressing forest business interests in developing countries?


Many of us do not really realize that Earth naturally has a mechanism of releasing heat into the air. This mechanism is known as Global Warming, which is a natural process that has not had a negative effect during this time. The machines and vehicles that use the energy to dump carbon dioxide are not yet rampant. However, since the rapid development of Science, the Renaissance began in Europe followed by the industrial revolution in England around the XVIII century when the steam engine was invented by James Watt. Hundreds of years later the development of machinery and automobile industry experienced an extraordinary escalation which later became a problem because its emissions of emissions threaten the survival of human life on earth

Machines that are the main elements of modern industry and transport automation, require major energy sources such as petroleum, gas and coal. Vehicles that later became part of the lives of billions of people on the face of the Earth are Cars, Aircraft, Ships, Motorcycles and various other motor-powered vehicles, giving negative effects due to CO2 emissions (Carbon Dioxide) emissions. With the growing industry and the needs of automotive / industrial machinery in line with the high level of consumptive modern society, the more the amount of CO2 substances are wasted to accumulate into the deep space layer (Ozone). CO2 substance that is insoluble and can not be lost in the air, trapped to form what is called the Greenhouse Effect (Greenhouse Effect). This effect retains the heat emitted naturally from the earth, and is returned (reflected) in the form of heat energy which results in increasing the temperature of the Earth. Even this Greenhouse Effect can leak out the ozone layer so that it can not function as a sun's ultraviolet rays before it enters the Earth's atmosphere. Ultraviolet rays that enter the Earth because they are not filtered eventually go beyond the normal capacity that can damage the human skin, even stimulate the development of cancer and other health problems.

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Do not just get here. The heat due to the occurrence of Home Effects Kacamenyebabkan rising heat temperature that causes the Ice Ocean at the Pole of the Earth to melt and then increase the volume of sea water. The result is predictable! There was a sea flood that could potentially drown the settlements, factories, and even towns surrounding coastal areas. Tidal flood natural disaster has begun often we hear, seen and detected in various parts of the world.

Scientifically, it is actually very clear that the Greenhouse Effect is one of the determinants of climate change that we often feel is no longer patterned regularly. Climate anomalies can be felt for example in March which should be dry season precisely rain. Similarly in December, the rainy season should have been drought. Chaos or anomalies to this climate pattern due to the Greenhouse Effect. Social impact, among them is the agricultural planning activities that become chaotic so that raises the problem of Evironmental Economics in itself.

Surprisingly, some lay communities consider that the issue of Global Warming, the Greenhouse Effect and so on, as a new Western toy to dictate and control the forest business of developing countries, especially those with tropical forests such as Indonesia, Africa, Latin America and others. Is that right?

Of course, the problem of Global Warming can not be separated from international politics because of the spectrum of world problems. To create awareness of the dangers of the Greenhouse Effect, it is inevitable to be supported by various decisions and kesepaThe complexity of the problem of coping with the Greenhouse Effect is not just a mere government affair. People from all walks of life ideally participate strategically and are empowered according to their respective portions. Imagine the enormity of this commitment: if everyone in Indonesia planted a pohondi yard of their home. How much CO2 emissions can be absorbed and converted into O2 that makes life healthier? But saying, policies and programs that have been proclaimed like this does not seem to be continuous and more sporadic. Are we willing to be defeated by the interests of business financiers in land use, even recently protected forest?

Finally, the simplest solution in overcoming the problems of Global Warming is, cultivating awareness that the earth belongs together with all its limitations. Therefore, this only Earth must be maintained with a commitment of social awareness about the Environment. The environment must be nurtured by all parties, ranging from the level of the organization of the world body such as the United Nations by making high-level political decisions up to the governments of their respective countries including local governments. Even educational institutions, communities, NGOs (NGOs), even companies (owners of capital / investors) should make the Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL) a serious one. Therefore, Global Warming is not merely an issue of international politics. But broader than that, that is a state reminding everyone of the great catastrophes that are very likely to happen on Earth, because of human activity itself. By humans who consider it less important to maintain the environment than by using it for business and industry interests.

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(Author: Rendra Trisyanto Surya, lecturer living in Cimahi, West Java)

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