Global Warming is Threat Or Not (Doubt and Belief)

Global Warming is Threat Or Not (Doubt and Belief)

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Globalization is a threat or not in this paper I want to write a resume from an article entitled Challenging Global Warming as a Social Problem: An Analysis of the Conservative Movements Counter-Claims written by Aaron M. McCright and Riley E. Dunlop in the form of an analysis of masala global warming.

As we know that masala global warming is masala which until now become a masala which cause much debate, some circle like scientist say that this is masala which need to be handled seriously. Therefore, it takes an active human attitude especially to reduce the risk or the impact of global warming. Then comes the opposition who say that this is a deliberate issue in the interests for the sake, it does not need to be handled seriously. The statement is further corroborated by several reasons: the basic evidence of the existence of global warming is still weak, if it must happen global warming will provide benefits and policies about global warming until international action will only have a negative impact (McCright & Dunlap, 2000: 510).

Here are some explanations or definitions of the US Environmental Protection Agency. Explaining that global warming is an increase in average temperature on the surface of the earth, both past and present. Most events are affected by greenhouse effect events in the Earth's atmosphere. Global warming is what causes climate change.

Then according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. They explain that global warming is the biggest environmental and humanitarian crisis that occurs today. The atmosphere of the earth is very hot because it is trapped by carbon dioxide gas that can threaten climate change and can cause disaster on the surface of the earth. NRDC is also appealed to the entire community on earth to act against global warming so that the bad effects can be reduced for human life. The impact of global warming that resulted in sea level rise, climate change, damage to organisms and ecosystems and the influence on the availability of water and agriculture. According to reports from the IPCC (Intergovernmental on Panel Climate Change) the average global temperature will increase at a rate of 0.3 degrees Celsius per decade. The average global temperature of 1890 with 14.5 degrees Celsius and in 1980 rose to 15.2 degrees Celsius. It is estimated that for the years 2030 to 2050 the average global temperature rose from 1.50 to 4.5 degrees Celsius (Fadliah, 2008: 3).

The two opposing sides of the global warming phenomenon present their arguments. In this case, the media has a role in conveying both views. Media that initially presents knowledge about global warming, gradually gives a portion to the skeptical and presents a space debate around global warming.

In the article entitled Challenging Global Warming as a Social Problem: An Analysis of the Conservative Movements Counter-Claims written by Aaron M. Mc Cright and Riley E. Dunlop explain that the ideas and opinions of the opposition groups. Especially in the United States, the issue of global warming will be very difficult to diialogkan concerning the existence of different interests and perceptions of the two groups. The primary mission to save the environment while reducing pollution is often defeated by a variety of pro-industry policies. Moreover, these opposition groups also received enormous space in the media, making it easier for them to disseminate their ideas. Even the issue of global warming has been incorporated into the political policies of the rulers. This makes it difficult for scientists to convince the ideas and facts of global warming.

On the other hand, a documentary film entitled Inconvenient Truth of science-fiction (sci-fi) shows confidence atua belief in the existence of global warming as a problematic issue. The film, released in 2006 and starring Al Gore, a former vice president of Bill Clinton's era, received an Academy Award or Oscar award in 2006. While his own cast, Al Gore along with the IPCC was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by the Nobel Committee in Oslo, Norway thanks to his efforts to save the earth and give public awareness about global warming (Rusbiantoro, 2008, p.4). The facts shown in this film are a real form of global warming as well as a form of persuasive approach by Al Gore to the American public in particular and the world generally to always maintain and preserve the environment and learn to revive the traditional ways in every life day. To be able to solve the problem, one of them

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