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Environmental damage is closely related to the culture of the nation. This we can trace in almost all environmental problems must be related to the culture of society. Take the example of flood events that hit various regions in Indonesia, people will say floods due to unpredictable weather alias damaged. While others will say the weather is chaotic because the environment is already damaged and the environment is damaged by our own deeds.

This environmental damage could be due to the culture of society and government that still do not care about environmental sustainability. This is in accordance with the writings of Sri Mulyani sister who said the Jakarta flood is a classic problem that there is no effective solution. Instead of all united to find a solution, even on busy who would be made a scapegoat. The government accused the people who always re-do by dumping the garbage in the river while the public accused the local government and the center is not good to make and arrange good urban planning for the convenience of its citizens.

Culture does not care and often forget (read forgotten) disaster, resulting in our environment increasingly languish. On the other hand we see there are some components of society who care about the environment with various forms of activities and also campaigns, but actually from them there are only a few glintirs who sincerely fight for environmental sustainability. Mostly just a lips service for the benefit of a moment like just to win a campaign, just to absorb the budget or even just looking for a sensation to be published in mass media.

The ignorance of the community and the added inconsistency of the government in handling environmental issues contributes to the current environmental damage. Examples of large cities are still many Insiyur-Insiyur that make the concept of houses and buildings without the use of large trees as a perindang as well as a unity of the concept of architectural works. Many reasons why they are reluctant to make big trees into the unity of mahakarnya concept, because the land in the big city is very valuable so dear if allowed to be the park only and the reason the two big trees will only damage the structure of the building alone is also said to disturb the beauty of the environment .

Dry, hot and flooding now these words are often heard everywhere, even in Kalimantanpun not to be outdone by other big cities that are often flooded. Why are not my city and village unfriendly again? Try asking the swaying grass (Ebiet G Ade).


Global warming is a process of increasing the average temperature of the atmosphere, the ocean, and the Earth's land. The global average temperature on the surface of the Earth has increased by 0.74 0.18 C (1.33 0.32 F) over the last hundred years. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concludes that "much of the increase in global average temperatures since the mid-20th century is likely to be due to increased concentrations of greenhouse gases due to human activities" through the greenhouse effect. This basic conclusion has been expressed by at least 30 scientific and academic bodies, including all the national science academies of the G8 nations.

Increased global temperatures are expected to cause other changes such as rising sea levels, increased intensity of extreme weather phenomena, as well as changes in the number and pattern of precipitation. Other consequences of global warming are the healing of agricultural produce, the disappearance of glaciers, and the extinction of various species of animals.

Differences in air temperature now compared with 20 years ago will be easy to feel, if we travel to places such as Plawangan Plateau (Mount Merapi Slope) and also in Palutungan (Slope of Mount Ciremai). In the two tourist areas are not as cold as before, but still quite cool compared to tourist attractions in Jakarta.

The use of potentially harmful chemicals Ozone (O3) by air-conditioning industry, perfumes and other chemical industry until now still a small part who cares to replace the Ozone destroyer chemicals earlier. The greenhouse effect is inevitable if our behavior does not change to pay more attention to the environment we will pass on to this grandchild.

Global warming is also triggered by the abundance of illegal logging, rudimentary reforestation in former industrial timber estates, as well as the felling of shade trees on the grounds of the community because of the need for money or the assumption that the trees are felled is nothing but economic value.THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY PROGRESS

The main factor driving the high rate of deforestation in Indonesia is illegal logging for the paper, timber and peatland industries for oil palm expansion. In fact, floods, droughts, and changes in climate patterns will affect food security as well. To date, Indonesia has lost three-quarters of its forest area. Of these, 40 percent have disappeared altogether.

But with the advent of technology also produces practical and modern logging tools, making it easier for people to cut down trees of any kind and size whether in the yard or in the jungle. We are easy to find in the slopes of Merapi many logging or sawmills. Equipment from just ax, chainsaw and circle is a popular term for cutting and splitting machines operated over second-hand four wheeled vehicles, very easy to get people to start their business.

This logging business is a small business but if it is done by many people and not organized and given the signs, of course it can be said as one of the serious threat of loss of trees (deforestation) in rural areas. Formerly the villages on the slopes of Merapi are still so beautiful with the chirping of birds that reply, now it is hot, filled with housing, golf courses and even some industries also penetrated into the countryside.

When are we consciously en masse to care about the environment and of course and its contents. The author just hope that can start from yesterday we are aware together and do not need to blame the most important want to change, want to correct mistakes to contribute to damage, even destroy the flora-fauna that actually together with us have the right to utilize the earth of God's creation. Go Green Indonesia-ku

This article was written back by Nur Hudda Elhasani from the original title "My Wild Forest" (https://nurhudda-elhasani.blogspot.com/2011/10/hutanku-gundul.html)

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