Going to Singgalang Mountain Lumut Forest

Berfantasi in Gunung Singgalang Lumut ForestTHE BEST PLACE to enjoy the moss forest (Bryophyta) at Singgalang Mountain is by walking a little to the north (right) Telaga Dewi, following the cables and power lines of PT PLN, ending on a hill which is the highest point of Singgalang mountain 2,877 mdpl.

Actually there is a lot of moss forest in Singgalang mountain. But the moss forest to the top is the easiest to access. All of them all enjoy the moss forest. Two of the three islands exceeded.

It only takes fifteen minutes to half an hour from Telaga Dewi to the top of Mount Singgalang. The road is relatively flat.

Seeing the dense jungle forest automatically awakens fantasy. Imagination seemed to float to Hollywood movies such as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Like being in another foreign country.

Here the air feels moist and cold. The altitude of 2800s mdpl is already getting cold and fit for the growth of moss forest, as well as in other mountains in Indonesia.

Sunday (4/9/2016) morning at 8:30 pm I left the tent on the banks of Telaga Dewi to the top of Mount Singgalang. The heart is just looking for cell phone signal. At the top of Singgalang there is a very strong Telkomsel signal even up to 4G LTE. Acute illness to always connect internet even on mountain.

Along the way all the photos of exotic moss forest. More fun photographs, come natural call from the stomach. Things that have been predicted before, so bring wet wipes and small shovels.

Apparently in the forest moss do not need wet tissue. Just use the moss as a tissue. Natural. Want a bow or just urinate, just use moss. Clean and clean. A little watery is therefore very functional.

CHAPTER in the forest moss even so stay for long. Moreover, while listening to music and look around. The mind is always alert to snakes or dinosaurs!

Singgalang mountain moss forest is located in Tanah Datar and Agam regencies of West Sumatra Province. The starting point of the official ascent path in Kenagarian Pandai Sikek, Sepuluh Koto Subdistrict, Tanah Datar District, West Sumatra. (*)

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