Good News For All of Us, Now Tongsis Comes for Laptop!

Good News For All of Us, Now Tongsis Comes for Laptop!The phenomenon of selfie that had become a trend in 2014 has a significant impact in the technology industry. Smartphones with advanced front camera support are increasingly flooding the market. And do not forget, selfie supporter applications were scattered in the car application store.

Not only that, which also enliven selfie trend is tongsis aka narcissistic stick, or selfie stick. But, what would happen if there are tongsis made specifically for laptops?

Tongsis for Laptops

What do you think of when seeing selfie people using laptops? If the laptop is kept on the table is reasonable. But what happens if there is a selfie person using a laptop but aided tongsis? Because now there are tongsis designed for laptops, more precisely for Apple MacBook.

MacBook Selfie Stick, Tongsis for Laptop

Is the MacBook Selfie Stick, a phenomenal tongsis designed to be able to hook an Apple MacBook at the end. As with the function of tongsis in general, when you want to selfie live lift tongsis which at the end has been pinned MacBook it. Live posing in front of the vast screen, and check!

Selfie with a wider screen may indeed be more flexible. But when lifting a laptop with the help of tongsis just for selfie, it is not impossible if some people think it is silly. Lah, selfie kok using laptop? Do not know ya ya now many smartphones for selfie?

Apparently, MacBook Selfie Stick or tongsis for the Laptop is made by three New York artists, namely Tom Galle, John Yuvi and Moises. All three are highlighting the phenomenon of selfie that hit modern society. Or maybe all the promotion that MacBook from Apple is light yes?

Mending Smartphone Selfie

Not yet known whether tongsis for this laptop will be sold to the public. If sold, who will buy it? Maybe only those who want to be the center of attention. Or do you include people who are interested in owning this MacBook Selfie Stick?

Instead of buying an Apple MacBook just make selfie pake tongsis for laptop, mending buy smartphone with the best front camera that you can use for selfie. Here's the smartphone that works best for you selfie.Smartphone Selfie Price
Asus ZenFone Selfie Rp 2.999.000
Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro Rp 4,000,000
Xperia C5 Ultra Dual Rp 4.500.000
Sony Xperia M5 Dual Rp 5.999.000
HTC Desire Eye Rp 5.675.000
HTC One E9 + Rp 6.750.000
Oppo F1 Rp 3.499.000
ZTE Blade S7 RP 3,499,000
Oppo N3 Rp 8,000,000
Huawei Honor 7i Rp 4.250.000

So, you want to choose a smartphone for selfie, or buy tongsis for MacBook laptops? If you want to attract attention, maybe you will choose tongsis for that laptop huh?

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