Gorgeous Kastuba, the ‘Christmas Plant’ Which Made Shaam Christmas Eve

Gorgeous Kastuba, the

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta Now, the decoration of Christmas trees is not just a pine tree, the last five-four years Kastuba plant or poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) participated in the Christmas atmosphere in Indonesia. The leaves are red and green, this plant is very distinctive with the color of the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Plants that grow maximum with a height of 50 cm is indeed unique. When young, the leaves will be red then on the old leaves will be green. The red color at the top of the plant will change about the next three months. No wonder the plant is selling well in December.

"Many people buy it because they say it is a Christmas plant, the color is beautiful so it is good for Christmas decoration," said the cultivator of the plant of Kastuba, Haris, which has a kiosk in the front gate area of ??Jalan Pemuda Pemuda TVRI Senayan, Jakarta when found Liputan6.com, Tuesday (23 / 12/2014).

According to Haris the sales boom will start at the beginning of the week of December to December 24th. When met he has sold more than 1000 crops kastuba.Tak only domestic buyers, the foreigners who live in kiosk plants also buy. Both foreign nationals from France, the United States and Australia.

"If December could sell 30-40 kastuba lah.An other month is quite too, but not seramai this month," said the man who has been selling crops for 16 years.

Thousands of stocks of Kastuba that he had bought from cold regions such as Puncak and Pamulang. With proper care, plants that can grow in hot areas are well placed inside and outside the room.

Well, as Christmas decoration of course many are put in the room. In order to grow fertile make sure to let in the morning in the sun. Do not forget to water in the morning and afternoon.

The right treatments will make beautiful curios of beautiful cottage plants on Christmas day.

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