Gotong Royong These Likes Make Miris, Shoulder to Break the Rules

Gotong Royong These

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Gotong royong is very close to our culture. Although many judge that as time passes, the character of the community more individual and not caring for each other, it seems gotong royong can still be found. Mirisnya, gotong royong and spirit to help each other that recently highlighted full of negative meaning. It is not the mutual help of our ancestors, but it is the unity to break the rules like jointly pulling the motor from the busway path for fear of being caught by the police.

Raunchy motorcycles are daring to enter the busway path to avoid congestion is not a new thing in the capital. Even this classic offense has been considered commonplace by the national audience. The rule is that the busway lane is only used by the Trans Jakarta bus and facilitates this public transportation mode to smoothly drive without congestion. In addition, the actual busway lane is made to encourage people to prefer using public transportation rather than jamming on the streets. But until now, there are still many recalcitrant motorists who break through the busway lane. Let's discuss with Hipwee News & Featured below!

Funny, viral a video that shows motorists panicked because it was approached by the police after breaking through the busway lane. Watch the video below deh

The behavior of bikers like this does not need to be imitated, let's equally orderly traffic.

TMC Polda Metro Jaya (@TMCPoldaMetro) October 4, 2017

Dozens of motorists look panicky and confused while trying to raise the bike and out of the busway lane. While at the end of the road were three policemen walking toward the throng of motorcycles trying to escape. The bikers also appear to help each other to lift the motor from the busway barrier which is actually quite high. Not a few also capture this unique moment. This video is viral after being uploaded by twitter account TMC Polda Metro Jaya and reinstalled by instagram account @ Various comments satire about the culture gotong royong was expressed by netizens responded to the video.

@ inulyaqien96 Whatever important moment.y Mutual mutual help

@gunsetiawan_Ambil the positive aja, at least they are very upholding the principles of mutual cooperation: D

@oppaciriana Gokil lah, until the passengers also helpin mutual concrete

In the video also appears a lot of motorcycle taxi drivers who violate. Even the Polda also marked the twitter account of Grab Indonesia and Gojek Indonesia in video upload

Among the throng of motorists who violate, not least the identity of motorcycle taxi drivers who are also violating and are trying to get out of the busway. Even in TMC Polda Metro Jaya uploads, Grab Indonesia and Gojek Indonesia account is also marked. Actually in the rules of motorcycle taxi drivers online should not violate traffic, if there is a caught breaking then of course will be subject to strict sanctions. In practice there are still many who violate. Surprisingly, the passengers who use this online motorcycle taxi service in the video appear to help his driver to escape from tilangan. Perhaps this is one example of a culture of mutual help that is wrong.Rather than defend offenders, but this is an example of mutual cooperation. And gotong royong that wrong yes!

When discussing about gotong royong maybe you will immediately remembered the work of devoted RT, clean up the environment, to practice painting the roof of a house that is often always assisted neighbors around. Do not get me wrong, culture gotong royong is a very good nation character. But if applied in the wrong things it becomes very cliche. As happens in the viral video. Help each other to lift the motor out of the busway. Gotong royong in order to escape from the refinery that may soon be done by the three policemen who are otw.

Well if gotong royongnya like this does not feel right yes guys. Although again kepepet, it would be nice if faced with the consequences of errors that have been done. Better still do not break and enter the busway lane dong!

In fact, the regulation of the ban on busway lane has long been enforced. From the sanctions to the delimited barrier it still does not make kapok

The ban on motor vehicles using a special lane Trans Jakarta bus has been set since 2014 ago you know. But it's been three years imposed, the number of people who are desperate to enter the busway lane is still very much. But for those who violate, sanctions are quite heavy. Usually motorists fines up to Rp 500 thousand, while for four-wheeled vehicles fined up to Rp1 million. It is also written in the Provincial Governor's Regulation No. 63 of 2014 on Transjakarta Bus Operator Determination Procedure.

Any Motor Vehicles other than Cars Buses Mass-based mass public transport is prohibited from using lanes or special lanes of mass road-based mass transportation.

Criminal threat for motorists who break through the Trans Jakarta bus lane is a maximum imprisonment of 2 (two) months and / or a maximum fine of Rp 50 million (Article 253 of DKI Jakarta Provincial 5/2014)

In addition to sanctions imposed a lot of fine, public roadblocks and special lane Trans Jakarta bus also has been made knee-high. The goal is yes so that motorists do not go around in this special lane. But every rule seems to be limiting, there are always ways to break it.

There is nothing wrong with culture gotong royong. Mutual help and shoulder to shoulder in solving a problem is a very noble habit. But we also need to see the context gotong royong itself, if helping each other in the wrong thing then what's the point? Instead we help each other in making mistakes right? Let's try to self introspection first

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