Government’s Way to Overcome Climate Change Impact on Small Island

Government's Way to Overcome Climate Change Impact on Small Island

Image source:, Jakarta Climate change is one of the most serious problems faced, especially in small islands in Indonesia. To overcome this, various efforts are made by the government, such as adaptation and mitigation.

Assistant Deputy of Environment and Maritime Affairs of the Coordinating Ministry for SATM Sahat M Panggabean explained that climate change generally occurs in small islands in Papua, Sulawesi, Sumatra, and others.

To overcome this, the Ministry of Marine Affairs has two ways, namely by means of adaptation and mitigation.

Related to the two ways to address the climate impact, Sahat explained, it is more focus on adaptation, because it is considered more important and big influence.

For adaptation planning, he said, in accordance with the document of National Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation (RAN-API) that has been available and can be used as reference to be implemented.

Moreover, last week came friends from Papua to us related Cendrawasih Bay which began to be affected. In addition, they also feel that many islands there will be affected by climate change. This should be the main concern, he explained as quoted from the written statement on Saturday (18/2/2017).

Therefore, said Sahat, now it's trying to gather all the information available. Regarding the target, Kemenko Kemaritiman is still looking for potential what can synergize together, including with International organization.

For example, the UN or other bilateral organizations have special attention to the issue of climate change adaptation, especially in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Head of Waste Management, Center for Environmental Technology Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (PTL BPPT) Arie Herlambang revealed, for the problem of adaptation itself usually the biggest effect is the lack of clean water.

To overcome this problem, BPPT in recent years has provided clean water for several islands, such as Selayar, Raja Ampat, East Kalimantan and so on.

BPPT has also provided septic tanks on the islands, as groundwater is the mainstay during the rainy season. Yet at the same time, septic tanks also flow into it as well."So we make a simple septic tank, for 10 houses there is a septic tank, and it can reduce pollution to 95 percent.If we as a relevant Institution and Ministry can work together, then the problems, especially the impact of climate change I think can easily overcome, lid. (Gdn / Ndw)

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