Greenpeace Claims Refusal to Send Forestry Data

Greenpeace Claims Refusal to Send Forestry Data

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JAKARTA, – Non-governmental organizations Greenpeace Indonesia complained about the closed attitude of the Ministry of Forestry and Environment (KLHK) regarding data and information related to forestry.

In fact, the data needed by environmental activists to map forestry problems that often occur.

"It turned out that not all elements of the government have the same understanding about openness and public participation," said Greenpeace Indonesia Forest Campaigner Ratri Kusumohartono in a press conference in Jakarta, Sunday (5/28/2017).

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According to Ratri, 7 documents in the form of forest cover maps actually help the activists who are mapping experts to measure as far as deforestation takes place in Indonesia.

The data also helps monitor the potential of hotspots during forest fires.

"The document is also used to determine the extent to which forest fire prevention management is running," Ratri said.

According to Ratri, similar documents have been given by the government through the Presidential Work Unit of Development Supervision and Control (UKP4).

However, after the institution is dissolved, the authority is in the hands of KLHK.

Greenpeace has filed a lawsuit through the Central Information Commission (KIP). As a result, Greenpeace was won and declared that the document could be opened as public information.

However, KLHK still refused to provide documents related to forest map data for 2012-2013. One reason is that KLHK is afraid that the document will be misused.On the verdict of the KIP, KLHK subsequently filed an appeal through the Administrative Court (PTUN). As a result, KLKH was won by a judge.

Currently, Greenpeace has made further legal proceedings to the Supreme Court.

"If there is nothing wrong with the forestry permits, why should the government cover? The government should dare to open this document to the public," said Ratri.

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