GSKBB Biosphere Reserve

GSKBB Biosphere Reserve

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CAGAR Biofser Giam Siak Kecil Bukit Batu, is one of the biofer reserves in Riau and representative of peat swamp forest ecosystem in Riau region. The Biosphere Reserve has been approved as a new biosphere reserve in the 21st session of the International Coordinating Council of the UNESCO Human and Biosphere Program on May 26, 2009 in Jeju, Republic of Korea.

Biosphere Reserves of Giam Siak Kecil Bukit Batu (CB GSK BB) is geographically located at the coordinate point of 0 44 1 11 LU and 101 11 102 10 BT. Biosphere reserves are located in four districts, namely Bengkalis, Siak, Dumai and Rokan Hilir have a total area of ??705,271.00 hectares. And things we need to know, this biosphere reserve has a wealth of abundant flora and fauna. Currently there are 195 species of plants and 173 species of trees (data LIPI, 2007).

Starting from the endangered flora to the flora that is often encountered around. And hundreds of species of fauna that currently inhabit the biosphere reserve giam siak small rock hill. Properly, this Biosphere Reserve becomes a natural laboratory for scientists. The beginning of the inauguration of Biosphere Reserves has attracted many sympathies of researchers, such as this location is used as research center by LIPI, University of Riau and even abroad like Kyoto University Japan and last from National Geografic Indonesia.

This proves that this area is an open area for both local and foreign researchers by following the agreed rules because it sees a lot of potential natural resources that can be developed in scientific studies. Biodiversity, the social life of the local community, and the wisdom of the people and nature must be an interesting and endless topic.

Good socialization is certainly needed, not only to develop this area but also the surrounding community. (Melati-gsj / dac)

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