Guide Bruno Mobile Legends Print Penta Kill with Ease

Guide Bruno Mobile

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One of Marksman's unique heroes in Mobile Legends is Bruno. Moonton seems inspired by Brazilian footballer, Neymar.

If Bruno is used well and correctly, getting a penta kill is not a difficult thing. For that, the following guides Bruno Mobile Legends, Bruno build the best items and a variety of tips tricks about Bruno hero who can direct you try.

Guide Bruno Mobile Legends: Print Penta Kill with Ease

Bruno can you buy for 15,000 Battle Points (BP) or 399 points. There are three skins available, namely The Protector, Vanguard Elite, and Best DJ.

Hero Bruno is indeed worth watching. Bruno could be a serious threat to the enemy who stood together when the team battles.

Bruno's movement is fast enough, so you can attack in the best position with his quick attack which is very troublesome to the enemy.

If skill ulti Bruno ie World Wave kicked, inevitably the enemy had to disperse to escape from the attack.

Skill Bruno Mobile Legends

Bruno's Passive Skill: Mecha Legs

Each time a skill causes a Damage, Bruno raises a 4 percent chance of a Crit attack, stacked up to 5 times.

Skill 1 Bruno: Volley ShotCooldown: 10.0
Mana Cost: 80

Bruno kicked a ball of biased energy at a certain target, earning 200 points from Physical Damage and slowing the 60 percent target. Bruno and his teammates can take the energy ball to reduce this cooldown skill.

Skill 2 Bruno: Flying Tackle

Cooldown: 7.0
Mana Cost: 60

Bruno creates a front de-tackle slide, stuns enemy units, generates 140 points from Physical Damage and adds Movement Speed ??himself.

Ultimate Skill Bruno: World Wave

Cooldown: 38.0
Mana Cost: 140

Bruno will kick the energy ball filled with energy into a certain Hero, generate 250 points from Physical Damage, hit the target backwards and weaken 3 points of enemy armor.

After that the energy ball will bounce between the enemy Hero. Reduction of armor effect for 8 seconds, stacked up to 3 times.

Build Item Bruno Mobile Legends

You can maximize Hero Bruno in Match Up mode as well as the game game with the recommendation of Bruno's following best build item according to the Rat Train team.Windtalker
Warrior Boots
Haas's Claws
Berserker's Fury
Scarlet Phantom
Endless Battle

Tips Guide Bruno Mobile Legends

Bruno belongs to the Marksman hero class, so early in the game you can take the center of the lane by yourself. Focus on killing enemy minions, then go straight to the right and to the left of the forest to kill monsters, in order to get EXP and Gold faster to buy the necessary items.

In the middle of the game, it is important to play safely. Understand your role, because as Marskman you do not have a high HP like Hero Tank, so take advantage of long range ranges and attack enemies from a distance.

At the end of the game, every team battle begins to take Buff to get the extra effect you can get when killing monsters. Blue monsters for additional Cooldown and Red monsters to add attack attacks.

Lastly, do not go on your own and do not let yourself get killed in vain. The term is not to be Fedder.

The final word

That's the guide Bruno Mobile Legends, Bruno special build items and a variety of interesting trick tips about Bruno's hero in Mobile Legends. If you have any other tips, do not forget to share in the comment field. Good luck!

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