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Guide Clint Mobile

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There are currently 7 Marksman-type heroes that can be played on Mobile Legends. The heroes include: Miya, Bruno, Clint, Layla, Yi Sun-shin, Moskov and Karrie.

Of the many Damage Dealer heroes, this time the Rat Way will discuss Clint Mobile Legends hero.

To maximize the use of Clint while playing Match Up or Outside, here is a Clint Mobile Legends guide, a Clint build item and a variety of Clint trick tips that you can try on Mobile Legends.

Guide Clint Mobile Legends

Clint is one of the Marksman-type heroes in Mobile Legends. As a damage dealer, Clint has a passive skill that is able to increase the Damage significantly.

Clint can be purchased with 15000 BP (Battle Points) or 399 Ticket / Diamonds.

Clint Mobile Legends Skills

Passive Skill Clint: Quick Draw

When giving a skill, on the next basic attack Clint will attack the target straight with 120% damage.

Skill 1 Clint: Blind Smoke

Clint will issue a smoke bomb with 150/180/210/240/270/300 physical damage. Any enemy entering the smoke area will experience a slow effect of 60%.Skill 2 Clint: Heel Rope

Clint will issue a net forwards with 140/160/180/220/240 point damage. The enemies affected will also receive slow effects.

Ultimate Clint Skill: Howitzer

Clint will issue a grenade with 230/290/350 damage. The grenade can be stacked up to 5 grenades.

Build Item Clint Mobile Legends

Interested in using Clint while playing Match Up or Theme? Here is a recommendation of the best Clint build team version of Street Rat.

Swift Boots
Berseker's Fury
Thunder Belt
Endless Battle
Blade of Despair

Clint Mobile Legends Guide Tips

In a game, Clint serves as a Damage Dealer. Clint is needed to kill enemies quickly.

At the start of the game, make sure you are on Mid Lane (center) and keep on doing the farming. This is to be able to accelerate the acquisition of EXP and Gold to buy a variety of items.

When it has entered the Mid game (10-15 minutes) start doing Ganking with a Tank or Fighter. Make sure you are in the back position to minimize your chances of dying during the fight.The Ultimate Clint skill is quite special. Do not be afraid to keep issuing the skill, but can be stacked up to 5 times, the skill has a high enough damage.

When you want to run in War, use skill 2 and point ahead. Skill 2 has an impulse effect to speed up your movement back to base.

The usual Battle Spell Clint adalha Retribution. Spell is useful to get more exp and gold when killing forest monsters.

The final word

That's the guide Clint Mobile Legends, Clint item build and a variety of Clint tricks tips that you can try in Mobile Legends game. If you have other tricks, do not forget to share in the comment field. Good luck!

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