Harvest Festival 13

Harvest Festival 13

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One day Desa Plaugeran held a Harvest Festival every January 13th. This festival invites all farmers in the village to donate some of the harvest to be cooked and eaten together. That morning, Merry and David helped his father put his harvest into the cart to take to the field, where the festival took place.

All 20 bags, Dad! I've put in the cart David Good son said, quickly take to the field. Your mother has been there since early this morning Good Daddy Answer Merry.

On the way to the field, they meet a grandmother sitting at the end of the bridge.

Excuse my grandmother's word Iya grandma, what's up? answered Merry

May I ask for your bag of rice? I have not eaten since yesterday. Please, son. Pinta grandma was sad

Oh .. of course nek, please.

Thank you, son. You're so kind to me.

You are welcome. Bye, Grandma Merry said as he passed.

On the way suddenly the phone father bordering.

Haloo .. Dad said

Daddy come to help me now. Mom can not lift this heavy water Pinta is a woman on the phone that turns out to be Merry's mother.Daddy goes to the field ahead of Merry and David to help mom. After that they continue the journey over the bridge. Suddenly, the wagon accidentally hit a rock. Then, 3 bags of rice broke and drifted in the river.

Oh no! Dad must be angry, so many harvests are wasted, sister! David said anxiously,

Anyway, daddy would know if we were not intentional. Come on let me, anyway there are 16 Pockets right? Continue our journey! Merry said encouraging his sister.

The long journey makes them tired and rested in a small hut. There they accidentally fall asleep. Suddenly, many birds that encountered the rice bag. They also ate the rice quickly. Due to a loud chirp, Merry and David woke up.

Hey go you guys! David shouted

Geez, why can we be seteledor this David? We should not let this bag open. Two bags of rice were eaten by birds that much. Merry said wearily.

Already, kak. There are still 14 bags of rice that we can carry. Dad definitely forgive us. David said soothing his brother. Merry just nodded lethargicly.

They went on their way and tried to keep the bag of rice. They walked with a lethargic face and a little limp. Although they calmed each other, they remained anxious to disappoint their father.

Approximately Daddy is not angry with us? Asked Merry

No kak, we will explain this to him. This time really should be careful. No more thefts, leaks, and other negligence David answered.

They did not want to disappoint his father. In the long journey to this field, they do not care about fatigue anymore. They are determined to bring 14 bags of rice is spaciousness.Half the way, they meet the beggar man who is sitting with his family. The beggar sees a bag of rice with a look to have it.

Merry who knew it said, Do you want this rice? Ask Merry Oooo .. of course son. I'm starving, son. The man replied

If so please take for father and family, David said.

Oh thank you son. I will take 1 son, "said the man.

Okay let's continue the journey with 13 bags of rice! Dad, we'll excuse ya. Hopefully this rice can help you say David

Thank you so much son. You're the good boy who answered the man.

Finally the field is in front of their eyes. They went to see Mom and Dad.

Father, Mother, forgive us David said

What's the kid? What is wrong? Ask Mom

So we took 20 bags of rice for this festival .. David answered

Then what's wrong, son? Ask Dad, Merry told him everything that happened.It's okay son. You're a good boy. You're a good boy. We are going to celebrate this Harvest Festival with 13 bags of rice, because this is the 13th day is very meaningful and the same as the harvest that I get Dad's answer.

Thank you dad!! Dad is right. David and Merry say as he hugs her.

Well, you help mothers prepare this festival huh. Do not disappoint the others. Mother said.

Ready Mom! Said David and Merry with a happy smile.

Since then, David and Merry always remember the number 13 and make it a full number of lessons. Because on the 13th they found a lesson about loving people, keeping the goods carried, and happy others. After the food they made finished, they ate it with the villagers.

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