Hary Tanoe, Ironically Himself Struggling in Politics but Dragged Mobile Case 8

Hary Tanoe, IronicallyJAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – MNC Group owner, Hary Tanoesoedibjo feel not threatening Chief of Sub-Directorate Investigator Yulianto Young Special Criminal Criminal. According to Hary, he did only convey his views or opinions to Yulianto.

"If I say intervention, not really, I do not have the capacity of intervention, if I am an official, I have an abuse of power, yes it can be said of intervention." Who am I, ordinary people, once we have certain views I say, after being examined at the Police Crime Detective Agency, Monday (06/12/2017).

The remarks, said Hary, as assertiveness because he objected if the AGO continues to associate themselves with cases of tax refund Mobile 8. In fact, he felt unrelated to the case.

"The AGO has also made a press conference linking me, yes I have to react, my name is broken if not," Hary said.

Hary regretted calling Bareskrim against him. Because, this case will have an impact on his image.

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In fact, on the other hand, he was pursuing a political career. The reason he entered the world of politics, among others, want to combat the unscrupulous law enforcement, who are transactional who likes abuse of power.

It is also called Hary delivered to Yulianto via short message.

Therefore, according to Hary, it is ironic if he continues to be associated with a rolling case.

"It's a good case to look at, because the case is not a case, I'm telling you that in news it's related to me, it's ironic that I go into my politics of sacrifice," said Perindo Chairman.

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