Hasto PDIP Mega Didik Jokowi Not with Imaging

Hasto PDIP Mega Didik Jokowi Not with Imaging

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PDIP Chairperson Megawati Soekarnoputri with Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo alias Jokowi increasingly 'intimate'. In fact, some time ago Mega and Jokowi choose to eat together in warteg after doing blusukan together.

Deputy Secretary General of PDIP Hasto Kristianto explains, joint action blusukan between Megawati and Jokowi is a political education from the Chairman of the PDIP to his cadres. That is, not with the pencitran, but appearing as it heard the complaints of the people.

"How to educate Mrs. Mega to her cadres is not by way of imaging, but it is," Hasto said when talking with Liputan6.com in Jakarta, Tuesday (12/11/2013).

Hasto explains, what Megawati and Jokowi do simultaneously it is a very principle thing, although often said the activity of both very trivial with the problem of greening, drain river water, and eat in warteg.

"Well about eating in this warteg actually entered in a substantial thing, because it reminds how the importance of a national logistics system through the network of people's restaurants, namely warteg," he added.

"Even Mega reminded that warteg can become a state tool when there is a problem related to the needs of the stomach of the people," added Hasto.

'Incensiveness' Mega and Jokowi seen on 5 October ago around the Pluit Reservoir and eat together in warteg. Then the two returned together on Sunday 10 November.

In the morning, Mega and Jokowi plant barking trees in Condet. The afternoon attended the book launch and Sabam Sirait's 77th birthday at Lemhannas Building, Kebon Sirih Street, Central Jakarta.

This intimacy continues. After watching together at the Dutch cultural center, Erasmus Huis, on Monday November 11 yesterday, Jokowi came home with Megawati in one car. (Mut / Sss)

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