HEADLINE Anthrax Enter List of Weapons of Mass Destruction

HEADLINE Anthrax Enter List of Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Seoul – The threat from North Korea is not just a missile that is said to reach the United States, nuclear weapons, hydrogen bombs, or an active army that exceeds 6 million personnel.

Horrific clues have recently come from the body of a North Korean defector. The anthrax antibodies were in the blood of the soldier.

"The anthrax antibodies were found in one of the North Korean defectors who escaped this year," the South Korean official said, as quoted by Channel A.

As quoted from The Telegraph, Thursday, December 28, 2017, the existence of antibodies can mean two things: he had suffered anthrax or vaccinated to be immune to the disease.

If the second one happens, the world deserves to be worried. Because, Kim Jong-un regime could be developing biological weapons with the deadly disease.

"North Korea has a huge inventory of chemical weapons, but one that is not getting much attention and I'm most concerned about is their biological weapons program," said Andrew Weber, a former US Defense Assistant Secretary, as quoted by Fox News on Thursday night (28 / 12/2017).

Related to biological weapons, according to Weber, in small quantities alone can bring very deadly results. "In ounce or pound is enough, millions of deadly doses of anthrax can be contained in just a few pounds … For chicken pox even a few grams," he said.

Unlike nuclear or bombs, chemical and biological weapons are hard to track down to the culprit and are vulnerable to denial.

Anthrax is an acute and very deadly infectious disease caused by Bacillus anthracis bacteria in its most violent form. As with the meaning in Greek, the skin of the victims will turn black, like coal.

If not treated immediately, anthrax can kill within 24 hours. About 2,000 people in the world are infected each year. Usually, anthrax transmission is from cattle to humans.

Transmission is through three ways namely, through the skin, oral or digestive, and breathing (through anthrax spores). The disease can not be transmitted between humans, like the flu.So far it has not been confirmed whether the anthrax-deficient defector is Oh Chong-song, whose escape was dramatic in November 2017. Not only malnutrition and severe injuries caused by a shoot-out four times, in the stomach of the 24-year-old man was found a parasitic worm along the 26 cm . He also developed Hepatitis B.

South Korea's intelligence report simply mentions, anthrax found in the body of one of four defectors who fled from the North during 2017.

Senior defense analyst Shin Jong-woo of the Korea Defense Security Forum (KODEF) said the anthrax antibody vaccine might be given to North Korean soldiers who participated in biological weapons projects.

However, when US media CNN tried to confirm the news, both South Korean intelligence and military claimed to have been unable to provide clarification.

Officials of both agencies also said none of the four defectors admitted to working in a North Korean biochemical combat unit.

Anthrax vaccine for South Korean officials?

Regardless of whether or not it is true, North Korea's allegations are developing biological weapons to make South Korea worried.

Speculation is spreading wildly. The Presidential Office of South Korea or Blue House was forced to issue a clarification on December 24, 2017.

President Soeharto's spokesman Park Soo-hyun said South Korea's disease prevention and control agency purchased 1,000 doses of anthrax vaccine to be given to antiteror bodies and residents exposed to the bacteria. The vaccine arrived in South Korea in November 2017.

Park added that Blue House also bought 350 doses of anthrax vaccine for preparation. However, he asserted, the procurement was done during the previous administration led by President Park Geun-hye.

Procurement made after 2015, when the United States accidentally sent anthrax bacteria to Osan Air Base, South Korea. As a result 22 personnel affected.Park also denied that President Moon Jae-in and a number of South Korean officials had been injected with the anthrax vaccine to prevent the threat of biological weapons from North Korea.

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