Healthy Food Wrinkle Prevention

Healthy Food Wrinkle PreventionNo need plastic surgery or botok injections to prevent wrinkle skin, because it turns out the food around us can be used as a tool to prevent wrinkle skin. What food is it? These include:

Eggs are useful for enhancing sun protection, as we know that the sun emits UV rays which can cause the skin to become wrinkled easily. Eggs protect the skin from UV rays, because eggs contain high selenium, a type of mineral that works inside cells to strengthen skin defenses against UV radiation, and also reduce the risk of fine lines, age spots – age spot- and melanoma (a type of skin cancer) to 37%. The proven dose in the study were 2 whole eggs and 3 egg white grains each day.

Lemon Lemon Leather
Do not think it turns out lemon juice is also useful to prevent skin wrinkles? In addition to the content of lemon is beneficial, it turns out his skin is also useful to prevent wrinkle skin. The trick is sprinkling orange peel into soup or salad, it can be useful to stop the growth of abnormal cells and reduce the risk of skin cancer by 30%.

Drinking 4 cups of tea daily reduces inflammation and redness to 60%, as evidenced by some who have been examined by an expert. Tea is rich in compounds that protect the delicate skin cells from air pollution, stress hormones, and other inflammatory triggers.

Ingredients contained diikan can accelerate the formation of new skin cells and elastin, help remove fine lines in just about 2 weeks. The benefits are derived from omega-3 fatty acids, which also help acne recover faster, described by dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD, in his book: the wrinkle cure. Eat 14 ounces of fish per week to get the above results.

According to a research, eat a cup berry to get results so that the skin is not easy to loose. Eat fresh or frozen berry cups every day. According to experts, each berry contains ellagic acid, a type of anti-oxidant that protects collagen, a protein fiber that keeps skin tighter from damage.

Each tomato gives about 4 mg of lycopene, a plant pigment that slows the aging of 40% or more cells. Adding a cup of tomato sauce, salsa or spaghetti sauce to the diet every day can also get these benefits.

Those are some foods that can be useful to prevent wrinkle skin, hopefully there are benefits for all. good luck

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