Healthy Life in Car Free Day Pekanbaru

Healthy Life in Car Free Day Pekanbaru

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Morning young people today, a day off on weekends is usually filled with lazy, indicated by waking up. Delay time for activities. Life is not about a long holiday time that makes people lazy. Is not life just once? While our limbs are still functioning properly, use them as well, taking care of them regularly. Ranging from simple things, exercise regularly.

Moreover, now there are so many events on health every weekend. Well, Car Free Day (CFD) is one of the government's program to encourage people to exercise, while reducing air pollution caused by vehicle fuel.

The event starts at 06.00 WIB until 09.00 WIB. It runs from the street of General Sudirman. Regional office of Governor of Pekanbaru. Here people can enjoy the morning without any pollution. Lots of activities that make people live healthy in the morning. Healthy living with regular exercise every week sekisgus eye wash in Car Free Day Pekanbaru will definitely make yourself healthy.

Benefits that we can pick from Car Free Day Pekanbaru every day of the week:

1. Healthy living with a way to relax, can be busy to bring relatives, friends, and even gebetan.

Rather than in the house to sleep until noon, what? Makes our lives go backwards. Why do not we think of our bodies that need sports? It is time we prevent diseases that may be eating away at our bodies. Rather than already infected new treat it, right?

2. Enjoy Car Free Day all by enjoying a healthy culinary.

We can enjoy hot soy milk around Soedirman Street, sausage, milk, and other culinary type along the road that is free of air pollution. You do not have to be afraid of thirst or starvation in the middle of the road and along the way when you join the car free day. Many healthy foods and drinks are sold around here.

3. Gather a lot of communities that will add relationships, so life is not flat. Let our life become more colorful sob!

There are so many communities in this CFD, such as the community of rollerblading, onthel bikes, and much more without fuel that does not damage the air environment.

Be brave to save nature!4. Memorize the memory with friends.

In addition to living a healthy life by joining the CFD, we can capture this important moment with friends. Not just by walking, we can bike too you know! Let me not forget this moment, you are a hobby of photography can also kok perpetuate the CFD in your tustel.

5. Learn to make peace with nature.

Environment around the Governor's office is very beautiful. So, you can enjoy the peaceful city of Pekanbaru peacefully from different side.

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