Healthy Ways To Raise Your Weight

Healthy Ways To Raise Your Weight

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As a person who weighs less than average, you may be used to a lot of ridicule from parents or friends. Kerempeng! Bone! Malnutrition! In addition, you also realize that being too thin is not good for health in the long run. This can interfere with the health of your heart, make your bones vulnerable to osteoporosis, and increase your risk of anemia. Duh, really lazy right?

In order to live a healthier life, you should try to gain weight. Eits, do not rush first. Raise the weight also should not be careless. If you eat originally, there is your body instead of instantly becoming infected and becoming more susceptible to disease. Nuisance!

So, here are ways you can apply to increase your weight safely! Look at one-on-one yuk

1. Calculate the number of calories your body needs

The majority of us definitely do not think about how many calories come into our bodies. In fact, the amount of our calorie intake is the main guideline when you want to gain weight and when you want to lose weight.

Use the Harris-Benedict formula below to calculate how many calories you need each day:

If you guys = 88,362 + (13,397 x Weight in kg) + (4,799 x Body height in cm) (5,677 x Age)
If you girls = 447,593 + (9,247 x Weight in kg) + (3.098 x Body height in cm) (4,330 x Age)

2. Add your daily calories as well

Once you determine the amount of calories you need each day, the next step is to start eating with an extra caloric intake of 500 to 1000 calories. The addition of calories is absolute so that you have excess calories that can be stored body into meat or fat.

3. Eat three times a day, interspersed with two snack sessions

How would it contain if your stomach is lazy you meet it? In order to weight your scales can rise slightly, start to get used to eating 3x a day and a snack between meals.Session of this meal can not be origin you know ya! Choose foods high in protein and high in carbohydrates as well as healthy snacks such as cheese, bread, bananas, apocados, or other fruits.

4. Begin to Increase Protein Intake, Carbohydrates, and Fats

Start entering some nutrient-rich foods such as red meat, bread, beans, cheese, or alpukal into your daily menu. Some of these foods contain many of the nutrients you need to gain weight. But let me be able to raise the weight in a healthy, as much as possible avoid junk food.

5. Diligent Sports or Fitness

Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, exercise or fitness is something you must do. Begin diligently to the gym, move your body not for cardio exercise, but more focus on weight training or weight lifting.

In addition to forming your body to be more proportional and unsightly, this exercise will also increase your appetite so you can eat more than usual.

6. Reduce or stop smoking

If you are skinny and also a smoker, start now stop your habits. According to a study conducted by Yale University, the nicotine contained in the cigarette makes you lazy and suppress your appetite. Hipwee has also written about other reasons why you should stop smoking, you know.

7. Eat before bed

Eating before bed is one way you can do to increase your weight. Some studies show that some people who often eat after more than 8 pm have a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) than those who do not have dinner.

This is because at night, our body's metabolism has slowed down so any food that comes in will be accumulated more and stored into body fat.8. Do not forget, multiply your water consumption

Drinking enough water (2 liters per day) helps your digestive system so that the process of nutrients absorption of food we eat can run optimally. Therefore, make sure that you drink enough water.

9. If the food alone is not enough, try also supplements such as multivitamins

If you've never thought about adding supplements or multivitamins, maybe now a good time to add multivitamins and other dietary supplements to your list. Complex B vitamins or dietary supplements containing curcuma can you choose to increase your appetite.

10. Consult a nutritionist is okay, you know!

After a variety of ways you try but your weight still tetep not budging, then the last step you can try is to consult with a nutritionist about your situation.

Consult the problems you have experienced so far, and find out also why your body does not rise and fall. Of course, nutritionists can also provide a special diet menu to help you gain weight.

So that's him 10 healthy tips that you can try for you who already bored called skinny kerempeng. Start changing your life with a better lifestyle and healthier yuk!

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