Heartbreak Area in Dry Season

Heartbreak Area in Dry SeasonThe drought soon came, wrapping the crystal grains of the sky with sunlight. Leave your umbrella for the next six months. Until the south wind carries crystal grains again.

The rainy season is almost gone. Have your tears like rain today. Until that imprint is no longer broken heart, but eternal happiness. The rain deliberately left a mark on the earth, so that I and they will learn from it: rain. At the end of the cries of the sky, it leaves the happiness of plants.

I do not want you still sleeping in tears. I do not want you to waste your time on something stupid: remembering someone who no longer remembers you does not even give you any happiness. Fill your tears, I do not want to see my country also bear the pain in your chest.

The dry season arrives this year. Hurry to get back on your old walk that was stopped by the rain. Do not spend too long in the storefront, do not stay long in the hearts of people who no longer remember you. It is enough in this long dry season to return to your feet.

Do you remember the forest tragedy in the red rooster? Destroy the Sorcerer's City. The news is sticking all over the country to foreign countries? Remember right? I'm sure you remember it. Your memory is too sharp, it is impossible to forget it.

Or maybe your heart is barren like a forest in the Sorcerer's City, and your memory continues to spread in unison. The next day the drought also hit your heart, your tears had run out of rain last month. Is that so?

My country's forests, known as the lungs of the world of pain, burned the sin of the inhabitants of the earth, absorbed the flames of pain, held for months, until there was no baldness left. The smoke was steaming, pungent white in all directions. Even the eyes of the inhabitants of the earth was sore, the clear grains of each pair of eyes moistened the cheeks, flash floods hit the wrinkles of the faces of the elders.

Well, your tears are also very valuable like the forest in this country. It's just that your tears really matter to you. Keep it well, the day after tomorrow or when it's the clear grain that's in your eyeballs right down to eternal happiness.

This is enough last time. Broken heart enough to reach the last drop of rain today. Do not ask to extend the rain. Already, there are many things that must be done in the dry season. Oh yeah, I reminded again. No more crying or broken hearts. Because drought will not be kind to weak humans. Like flowers that bloom in the dry season, looks beautiful and beautiful as well as trees that fall leaves, survive.

Drought wants to see you are tough with the rigors of life.

Because God only permits the cracked ground for broken hearts. Inside you do not.

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