Heboh, Lunch at Bandengan Beach Jepara, Paid 2.3 Million Rupiah! Gokil Sih Ini

Heboh, Lunch at

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When tourism on the beach, of course want to dong ya culinary tourism ala beach so. Eating seafood while drinking coconut ice on the beach that it must be delicious. Especially for families who are traveling, eating at tourist sites with an atmosphere of togetherness would be fun.

But unfortunately with the pretext of the holiday, many food stalls that raise the price of wares. The price of regular food so many times the price. This is experienced by one of the netizens who visited Bandengan Beach, Jepara. Want to know the story he exclaimed, let's see together

A Facebook account named Aizzatun Nada uploaded a memorandum lunch at Bandengan Beach. Nominalnya make surprise you know, 2.3 million rupiah!

So here's the story, this netizen story if he and his family visited Bandengan Beach in Jepara regency. Their family from Kudus tour to Bandengan Beach while on a joint holiday on December 26, 2016. Because of hunger they decided to eat at a warung near the beach. After the meal is over, they are surprised with the bill that reaches Rp 2.304.000, – Expensive bener, Gan!

Tuh kan, Jepara again make a great news. After Om Telolet Om virus penetrated around the world, this time turn to a super expensive eatery stalls that became news everywhere. If this continues the way, Jepara tourism can not be sold anymore. Afraid to go there later expensive food.

Here, if you do not believe it. From this note looks an oddity in the price written. Aji while aja, while vacation

Here the price of food at the stall gazebo owned by Bu Riyanti in Bandengan Beach Jepara that complained so expensive.
2 orange ice jugs sold for Rp 190.000, –
2 teapot ice tea for Rp 90.000, –
1 hot tea pot Rp 49.500, –
3 cloves saute Rp 195.000, –
20 snapper fish Rp 1,200,000, –
2 grouper Rp 250.000, –
4 baskets of rice Rp 238.000, –
1 cigarette LA Rp 23.000, –
1 teapot orange ice Rp 59.500, –

With a total of Rp 2.304.000, –

Let's try kroscek the price one by one. Price is still 2 teapot ice tea 99 thousand. One tekonya 49,5 thousand dong. It's hard to love the price. Wonder deh segede what tekonya. More funny 2 orange ice pitchers can have a price of 190 thousand, more than 2 times the price of iced tea. That's what the price of orange ice what's with beer so far. Meanwhile the price of 1 teapot orange jug in the bottom row of 59.5 thousand. Well, what is it? It's so strange to write the price!

Things like this certainly can not be left. In addition to harming tourists, not honest merchants like this will turn off other food stalls are honest. Tourists averse to come to Bandengan Beach if this is how to treat guests who visit.

The government of Jepara was immediately intervened. Through the Department of Tourism, traders are reprimanded to write down the price of food soldFollowing up the complaints about orange and culinary ice at expensive Bandengan Beach, Jepara regency through the Tourism Office of Jepara District conducted guidance with culinary traders in Bandengan Beach on Tuesday morning (27/12/16).

Kasi Tourism Destination Kab. Jepara Nadjamudin Eka Sasmaka explains that before the complaints related to the price of expensive food, his party has often reminded the traders. In each meeting / coaching is submitted to the street vendors to include a list of prices on each menu list, so that visitors can see the price and adjust to the financial. Unfortunately, many traders ignore it.

Because of this case, eventually traders are required to write down the price of each menu of his food. If not then it will be closed its business license by the Tourism Department. This is done so that the name of Jepara not tarnished because of things like this.

Things like this often happen in tourist attractions. There used to be events about something similar in Anyer. In Stone Garden also had occurred the price of tickets that are not reasonable. Not yet cases that have not been exposed to the public. Of course this could be a problem for the world of tourism in the future. In an attempt to popularize Wonderful Indonesia, problems like this will always be a lump if not immediately resolved. Hope it does not happen again yes.

Do not take a trip to Jepara, Gaes!

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