Her Son Ridiculed, Alyssa Soebandono Silenced Warganet with Peaceful and Elegant Answers. Intelligent!

Her Son Ridiculed,One of the risks of being a public figure is receiving responses and comments from citizens about attitudes, attitudes, and appearances. Many praise and idolize, but not a few who criticize and even vilify. The world of entertainment let alone, of course, have to be familiarized with such public treatment.

But of course the criticism or negative comments are limitless and should have a basis. We can not comment badly to someone because he is a rival of our idol. And can not be justified if when we do not like one person public figure, then the people around him also affected. As happened to Alyssa Soebandono this. Whether there is a wind what suddenly there is a negative comment warganet about his son.

Icha Soebandono uploaded a photo of her two cute and adorable boys

Some time ago, Alyssa Soebandono or familiarly called Icha is uploading a cute photo of his two children, Muhammad Dirgantara Ariendra Harlino and Malik Mahendra Harlino. Icha who is currently the focus to raise the two pieces of his heart with Dude Herlino is often upload their togetherness. In uploading photos of his son in Instagram this time, Icha affixed the caption so that the two heroes can be prayed to be a soleh child. But in the hundreds of comments that parent expectations of these children, there is a warganet who commented with a mocking tone.

His ugly teeth as rich as his mother

The evil comments are not roughly replied by Dude Herlino's wife but with a clever and classy answer

As a mother whose child is ridiculed like that of course we do not accept. We alone who fellow citizens annoyed him made. How dare someone else who did not know us suddenly commented like. Some of the mothers might just hit a warganet like this with a scathing reply. But not with this Dude Herlino's wife. He just answered it in a relaxed, peaceful, and full of elegance like a dream mother.

Icha shows that she is grateful for whatever God gives. Being born healthy and not lacking any one is enough. He even asked for a prayer in order to educate the two champions successfully.

Mba, later one day if mba already have children, the first thing we do grateful for the child was born healthy, no shortage of any kind. What kind of shape looks like, big teeth or small, thick or thin hair, it's all God's creation. I am very grateful for the presence of my baby really makes my life more colorful and feels more complete. But if we think again, in fact we should always be grateful for whatever is in this life. And from gratitude I learned that God has given more than I imagined. I am also very grateful given the mandate of two heroes that I have to guard and educate. Pray for me to succeed ya mba .. Because my prayer as the Mother of the children is want them to be pious children who insha Allah can be much better than his parents. Although I realize that there will never be a perfect human being. Therefore, I am very grateful for what Allah has given so far.

Warganet's attitude like this is of course very unfortunate, given the target is children do not sin like this

If this answer was delivered on stage Icha, then all who watch will surely stand and clap. It is hard to find such smart and elegant answers when we are confronted with the warganet's comments that are becoming increasingly uncontrollable like this one. And what's more unfortunate is this hate speech is aimed at no one.Less evil what when such cute children who have not yet sinned, not even understand all the vocabulary suddenly become the target of negative comments? Fortunately, this kid does not understand with body shaming. We aja who have grown gini dikatain fat or skinny sometimes hurt.

So, dear warganet, next time try your mouth and finger conditioned, yes. Show a bit of intelligence as a social media user. The period that use a smartphone is not smart anyway?

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