Herawati Soekardi Establishes Butterfly Conservation Using Personal Money

Herawati Soekardi Establishes Butterfly Conservation Using Personal Money

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta Nature is one of the places we should always preserve. Not infrequently people are willing to do anything according to his love of nature. A person's love of nature will have a positive impact on the environment in which he lives.

Doctor Herawati Soekardi, one of the real examples of nature lovers in Indonesia. He is willing to spend a lot of money to buy government land. The land is made as a conservation land of butterflies.

"My husband and I built a butterfly captivity garden by freeing the government land that has been in the plot of 4 hectares," said Herawati Soekardi quoted from Indonesiakehati.com.

Another achievement of the love of women born in Palembang, August 14, 1951 is on the butterfly, which has saved the land of Mount Betung is critical to be green again. Previously, Mount Betung dry and not maintained at all. Mount Betung is part of the conservation area worked by Herawati Soekardi and husband.

Starting from a sense of love, Herawati Soekardi built a conservation garden butterfly. Anxiety about environmental damage was answered already. "My husband and I both love flora and fauna so we feel enjoy when doing it," said Herawati Soekardi.

The conservation funding is done at its own expense, making Herawati submit a proposal to multiply the larval plant species to Pertamina.
Pertamina also accepted the concept he proposed. A total of 12 thousand larva host plants planted by the Pertamina.

Herawati Soekardi is a handful of people who care about the survival of flora and fauna, of course this is a role model for anyone, hopefully still many people like Herawati Soekardi.


Muhammad Aizat Kautsar

University of Pancasila

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