Herbilogy, Super Food Companion Original Diet from Tanah Nusantara

Herbilogy, Super Food

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Vemale.com – Ladies, does your diet involve a large amount of fruit and vegetables? Does your diet also eliminate fats and proteins with unheard of portions? Now, with all the diets, do you then lose your weight as you wish?

According to nutritionist Dr. dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK, chances are you'll stay in a fat body. "Healthy and fit bodies are obtained from healthy foods consisting of 4J, Number, Schedule, Type, Cooking Jut If the amount of fruits and vegetables is not balanced and there is no protein, it will remain fat, not to mention complications due to the absence of protein, "said dr. Samuel when met at the launch of Herbilogy in the number of South Jakarta, Tuesday (18/7).

Dr. dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK / ID COMM

In addition, a diet lowering fat in large quantities in a narrow time will also only make you late in thinking. Because, is not enough fat anymore the brain needs to work.

"Usually women want for example to fall 10 kilograms in one month, because they can not slow down and adjust," he said.

Added a doctor who practiced in RS MRCC Siloam, Semanggi, South Jakarta this, the key can get a healthy body and fit is to have healthy food in a balanced amount. In addition you must also have 5S; healthy food, healthy thinking, healthy rest, healthy activity, and healthy environment.

Especially for food, supplements supplements that can complement your daily nutrition. "The goal is to optimize metabolism, increase endurance, win free radicals, improve brain function, growth, and passion," he said.

One of the supplements derived from natural ingredients is Herbilogy – supersed food extracted from native plants of Indonesia. There are 13 varieties of powder extracts produced, including among them ginger, pomegranate, alang-alang, katuk leaf, cinnamon, even green coffee.

Herbilogy / Zika Z / Vemale.com

All of them are derived from Indonesian agricultural land processed by local farmers and already have halal certificate of MUI and BPOM. Debora Gondokusumo as the founder of Herbilogy states that its products without the use of dyes, flavorings, additional sweeteners, preservatives or chemicals.

(Read: Herbilogy, Sex of Flora Indonesia When Tangible Powder)"Because the original powder form without any additional powder, no one will settle in the kidney, and it is also easy to include in food and drink," said Debora who also said he often put Herbilogy Ginger in papaya juice his eldest son and finally the child so hooked eat.

The extraction of the plants used is done by drying to reduce the water content in foodstuffs that can grow bacteria and micro-organisms. Then wrapped in modern packaging weighs 100 grams with bandrol Rp 89.000. When the packaging is not open and perfectly closed, it can be stored up to two years.

Herbilogy is also present in the form of capsules with price Rp72.000, Herbal Infused Tea for Rp58.000 for the contents of 20 bags, and oil with the price Rp89.000 for the size of 100 ml.

Taking quality crops directly from local sources, we want to help popularize the greatness of local crops and help the cultivation of Indonesian farmers in a sustainable way. Deborah said again.
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