Here are 10 Mangrove Forests for Prewedding Beautiful Photos. Guaranteed the Results More Ciamik!

Here are 10Prewedding Photoshoot is now booming again. Plenty of places you can background to make your Prewedding photos awesome. You can choose a beach, city park, or a unique building for your prewedding. But there is one place that is rarely known to many people but can give you the results of a ciamik photo.

Yeps, Mangrove forest! Usually, mangrove forest or mangrove is used as a destination for education or just a walk. But make no mistake, this mangrove forest can you become one of the options for your prewedding that just once in a lifetime! Want to know where is it? This is it!

Do not have much time for photoshoot? This mangrove forest on the coast of Jakarta will save you!

Angke Kapuk mangrove forest located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta is going to be a favorite place for couples who want photoshoot prewedding. For those of you who are busy move in the capital and there is no time to get out of town nyari good spot for prewedding, then Mangrove Forest Angke Kapuk is the answer. You can choose your own spot in a forest that covers almost 100 hectares of this. Feel not in Jakarta!

Want a photo prewedding on the beach but also there green-green, this is the answer

Batu Karas mangrove forest located in Pangandaran regency is one of the options for you who want to make prewedding photos with different concept but in the same area. Here, you can choose to take pictures in the mangrove forest or can be in the waters by boat. Try to imagine, funny!

Jogjakarta emang famous for its best destinations, do not miss this new tourist spot

Mangrove forest is fairly new as one of the tourist destinations in Jogjakarta, precisely in Jangkaran area, Kulonprogo. So not everyone knows there is a place as pretty as this, let alone make dijadiin spot Prewedding photos. Enter the list ya!

Surabaya is not famous ama city park aja, but also the same mangrove forest

This one ecotourism is located on Wonorejo highway, Rungkut, Surabaya. Land area of ??200 hectares is not just dijadiin tourist destinations aja, but photoshoot also can! Rimbunnya mangroves in this area make your prewedding photos really beautiful!

The long bridge that grasps your life after marriage, let's go both together foreverMangrove Forest Pancer Cengkrong is located in the village Karanggadu Watulimo district, Trenggalek, East Java. Here you can do photoshoot prewedding on its famous bridge! Not just on the bridge, every corner of this mangrove forest you can also benefit. So just choose background will be like how, snap deh!

Photos in the mountain pine forest is already common, you should cobain a photo in the middle of the pine trees of this sea!

For those of you who like to perpetuate the scene, certainly not foreign again with this instagrammable spot. Yes, mangrove forest located near Alam Tegal Nature Beach has become one of the tourist destinations. With various types of mangrove plants such as sea pine, mangroves, and others emang reasonable if this one mangrove forest favorite. In fact, there is one special spot for photoshoot prewedding!

Emang hell Bali is famous for its beaches, but the forest mengrove this one also not lose ciamik loh!

If you usually play to the beach aja, try deh occasionally visit this mangrove forest. The location is in South Bali, precisely on the road By Pass Ngurah Rai. Here you will produce photographs with a stunning green environment. Guaranteed you will be inspired for prewedding photos here!

Romantic photos when wading the river should be tried, before you navigate home life

Mangrove forest located in Tarusan, Pesisir Selatan, West Sumatra is also worthy you enter the list for your photoshoot prewedding place. Rowing a boat on the river surrounded by mangrove plants will be an exotic prewedding photo with your partner! Do not think twice deh anyway.

Rimbunnya mangrove plants will make your prewedding photo more fascinating!

Mangang mangrove forest located at the mouth of the river Dumai is also one of the tourist attractions in Riau. With an area of ??11 hectares, this forest deserves you jajaki make dijadiin spot prewedding. With the towering mangroves, you can be romantic-romantic with your spouse on the bridge. Sweet!

Photoshoot prewedding with sunset light through the sidelines of the dense mangrove, pengeen!

This location is in Margomulyo, West Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. With an area of ??about 16 hectares, you will feel calm in the middle of the mangrove grove. Not only the bridge is contagious, here too there are beacon monitors to see the forest from a height. Spotnya also fitting for you who want to do photoshoot for your precious prewedding.Enjoy the marine tour while creating inspiring prewedding photos!

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