Here are 7 Things on the iPhone the Most Irritating to Android Users

Here are 7 Things on the iPhone the Most Irritating to Android UsersAndroid and iPhone seem to compete in the market. However, each already has its own fans. It's been a classic story that average Android fans do not like the iPhone. There are many reasons for annoying Android users on the iPhone.

Are you one of the Android users in Indonesia? Hence, you have to know exactly what factors are causing Android users hate against iPhone. Here are 6 things on the iPhone the most annoying for Android users.

6 Things on the iPhone the Most Irritating to Android Users

1. Full Home Screen

As the first point in the feud between iPhone vs Android, there are factors related to the convenience of the home screen. For Android users in Indonesia as well as in the world, the home screen should look beautiful. You can display any application shortcuts you want or do not display any apps to make your wallpaper visible.

Then there are many special applications that can make the home screen display on Android you become more unique and interesting. While on the iPhone, the home screen can not be set at all. Home screen iPhone is also full of various menu applications that we do not really need. Worth it and it does not look fun.

2. No Back Button

In any app we're on on Android, we can easily get back to the previous screen just by pressing the back button once. This feature is very useful and easy. But somehow, this great feature is not available on the iPhone.

Indeed on the iPhone, you can swipe from the left edge of the screen to return to the previous screen. Unfortunately, this feature is not always present in every app. In fact, most apps do not have this feature. So, one click only once made us upset because it can not back.

3. Many iTunes Rules

On Android, you can download music almost anywhere. There are also various applications that you can use to play them. You can even use your favorite song as a ringtone in an easy way. Enjoy this is what you can not get on the iPhone.In Apple's smartphone, all music files must be downloaded and played through iTunes. And if there's a song you want to use as a ringtone, you have to use your PC to convert your favorite music files, then upload them to your iPhone device via iTunes. So lazy, many iPhone users who finally resigned to just wear the default ringtones from Apple.

4. Can not Uninstall Application

If there is an app that you do not want to use again on Android, you can directly u_ninstall_ and everything is all right. Applications data you can clean the total so that the phone memory more relieved. Uninstall and reinstall also often solve the problem when there is an error in your application.

Another case with the iPhone. You can not really delete an app on your device. Uninstall on iPhone will only remove the main file package and some data app. Most app data will remain in memory. In effect, the phone memory will remain full. And if you need to reinstall the application because of an error, often the error still appears again after reinstall due to the rest of the previous data app.

5. Expensive Application and Refund Fuss

Android offers many free applications that we can use. And for paid applications, usually the price is not too expensive. After we buy the app on Google Play and it does not like it, you can request a refund. The process is easy. You just need to hit the Refund button on the Play Store and your money goes back instantly.

Another case with the iPhone. It's expensive application, the refund process is complicated. You should visit various websites and fill out various forms first. Hassle once.

6. Setting Not Practical

You can set brightness, turn on WiFi, and many other settings just by opening the Quick Setting menu by swipe the screen from the top side. If you need to do a more detailed setting, just need one click to open the full Setting menu.

While the Settings menu on the iPhone can only be accessed through the home screen. The iPhone's Control Center can give you a little easier access. However, to adjust the brightness and sound, you must manually move the pointer from the initial level to the level we want. Somehow this feels annoying and not practical than Android that can be clicked directly to the level we want.

7. One Button for All FunctionsAndroid has 3 very useful buttons; Back, Home Screen, and Recent Apps. Meanwhile, the iPhone has only one button that you need to press in different ways to access different destinations. One time push means home screen, one long press means Siri, and so on. The wrong push can take you to a different screen and this is very annoying. Not to mention, some people also feel bothered to have to remember several different methods of pemencetan to use their smartphone device.

Well, now understand why many people prefer Android than iPhone? In addition to the reasons above, there are still many more things that are perceived in the iPhone by Android users. How about you? Same with iPhone too?

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