Here are 8 Dangerous Diseases If You Do not Wear a Jacket When Driving at Night

Here are 8 Dangerous Diseases If You Do not Wear a Jacket When Driving at NightDriving by motor at night is fun, especially with the doi. For those of you who work or work at night and should not wear a jacket must accept the risks. Because the wind or the air at night is not as fresh as the air in the morning, it can even be harmful to the health of the body. For those of you who like to travel at night and do not wear a jacket, these diseases are ready to accompany you.

What are the diseases that can harm your body's health? Let's look together.

1. TB (Tuberculosis)

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Tuberculosis (Tuberculosis) is one of respiratory diseases or respiratory disorders caused by air pollution that contains toxic substances. Symptoms of this disease are weight loss, cough with blood, coughing more than 3 weeks, the onset of chest pain, decreased appetite, and frequent night sweats. To overcome this disease, you can pay more attention to diet, eat nutritious foods and do BGC vaccine, and exercise to cultivate your breathing.

2. Easily Tired and Limp Bodies

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When driving a motor with a long distance at night, the body that continues to drive this has been against the wind. If you do not wear body armor like a jacket, then your body is not strong against the wind. So that your health can decrease and cause a cold or wind to sit. To increase stamina in your body, should multiply the consumption of fruits or vegetables containing vitamin C, B, and A. As found in oranges, tomatoes, and apples.

3. ISPA (Acute Respiratory Tract Infection)

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Acute Respiratory Infection Disease This includes a dangerous disease because it can be contagious. Symptoms such as fever, cough, flu, dizziness and headaches, body aches, and pain in the joints. In addition, it can also cause sore throat, shortness of breath and chest pain, as well as a raspy voice. To treat it, immediately consult a doctor to get antibiotic drugs equivalent to the disease.4. Body Temperature Decreases

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Normal temperature that is owned by human that is about 35 36C. If you do not wear a jacket, then the body temperature will decrease along with cold temperatures at night. Humans include living creatures that are warm-blooded, so that when there is a decrease in temperature the body will react to the change. This makes the body automatically to supply more blood to the chest area. If you often do not wear a chest protector or jacket at night, then there will be accumulation of fluid in the organs of the lungs. So it can cause respiratory tract infections. To increase your body temperature, you can exercise like jogging and cardiovascular exercise, and drink warm water.

5. Wet Lungs

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If the wind into the chest or neck hence the health hazard, especially in the respiratory tract that is in the form of wet lungs. The disease is caused by viral, bacterial or fungal infections. Symptoms include shortness of breath, cough with phlegm, palms and feet feel cold and sweaty. To treat it, you can make a concoction of ciplukan plants by boiling it to boil and drink as much as 3 times a day.

6. Bronchitis

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This respiratory tract has signs such as relatively long cough with phlegm, fever with body temperature of more than 38 degrees Celsius, fatigue during activity, shortness of breath that is almost similar to asthma, swelling of the feet and legs. To treat this disease you can use ginger by boiling it in boiling water and drink every day for bronchitis to heal quickly.

7. Lung Cancer

alert lung cancer via http://res.cloudinary.comExposure to air pollution containing particles of chemicals, such as SO2, NO2, and CO2. Exposure to these gases can cause side effects such as nausea, dizziness, and the body lack of oxygen. It can also cause lung cancer. Signs of this disease are bloody cough, swelling of the face and neck, shortness of breath and chest pain, decreased body weight, difficulty swallowing food, frequent fatigue, pain in the bones, shoulders, arms or hands, and shape changes convex at the fingertips. You can treat this disease by drinking boiled water soursop leaves a powerful kill cancer cells.

8. Wind Sitting

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Riding a motorcycle without a protector can also cause the wind to sit. Wind seated the pain in the chest due to the heart muscles lack of blood supply. This is because too much wind into the body and cause constriction of blood vessels in the respiratory system. Signs are caused shortness of breath, chest pain, left arm, back, and neck, body fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and excessive sweating. We recommend that after returning from the trip, you immediately drink warm water so that the wind inside your body can get out quickly.

Therefore, for you who like to drive by motor at night. We recommend using a thick chest protector or jacket to protect the chest. The function of the jacket we wear when riding a motor is as a heat insulator, so that our body temperature will be maintained. you should choose a strong jacket material, thick, and fibrous like a sweater, leather and a parachute so that the wind can be blocked. Also, use a mask so that you do not breathe polluted air to keep your respiratory tract healthy.

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