Here are 8 Herbs That Match Growing as Kitchen Gardens That Beneficial For You and Family

Here are 8Planting crops at home is not just a green plant or just flowers. The garden area or home garden will be more useful if we grow herbs. In addition to good health, this plant will decorate your home much more beautiful. Herbal plants will also be good if planted near the kitchen area. In addition to providing freshness, the plant can be used when cooking in the kitchen. Here are some herbs that you can plant in your home.

1. Basil / Basil

Basil is one of the popular herb plants for kitchens. This plant is known for its fresh flavor and aroma. Both dried basil or fresh, very suitable for cooking. Basil itself can also be used for medicines, scents, antioxidants, to insect repellents. When used for food, bacilli will provide many health benefits such as vitamins A, K, and C, and the content of calcium and iron are good for the body.

2. Cilantro / Cilantro

Cilantro has high vitamin C antioxidants equivalent to vitamins and minerals. This herbal plant is very good for digestion and reduces inflammation caused by gas in the stomach. Many of the benefits of this plant, coriander seeds are known to have a positive impact on blood sugar and reduce stress on the liver and pancreas that produce better insulin and facilitate digestion. The smell and taste will be very suitable for the meat cooking seasoning. One of the nice plants to grow in the kitchen.


The lavender plant is one of the most useful plants and is known as a versatile herbal remedy, especially when the plant is distilled to produce oil. Lavender is also useful for herbs and also for making cakes. Evicting the insects becomes an advantage too.

Grow lavender done by sowing in the house and then planted in the area outside. Lavender strongly does not tolerate excessive moisture hence it should be placed on high ground or using pots.

4. Mint

Mint is a very good plant to expel all kinds of pests including rodents, ants, and also spiders. Planting it around the house will certainly keep your garden from unwanted animal attacks. For the benefits of herbals, mint tea can help relieve sinus, dizziness and also make the mind more relaxed. Natural oil from mint is also good for digestion as well as cramps during menstruation.

5. RosemarySimilar to mint, rosemary is also very good for evicting pests in the garden including mosquitoes and other flying insects. Even kucingpun also do not like this plant. Rosemary is a powerful natural plant to facilitate digestion, eliminate bad breath, and also relieve pain. Rosemary oil is also very good for hair growth. From eliminating dandruff, accelerate hair growth, and relieve skin irritation. The aroma of rosemary can help to clear the mind of alleviating anxiety and also relieving stress every day.

6. Lemon Balm / Citrus Leaves

One part of the mint family is easily grown and provides health benefits. The aroma of citrus is also refreshing. This leaves naturally relieves tension and nervousness. Lemon balm can also be applied to relieve cramps and abdominal pain and facilitate digestion. Tea from these leaves is usually consumed to purify mentally, and increase alertness. Adding fresh lemon balm to the salad will give you fresh citrus.

7. Parsley / Parsley

Parsley is an anti-bacterial plant that can add the immune system and also neutralize the breath odor. As a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plant it is great for digestion and detoxification. However, pregnant women need to stay away from this plant because it can induce uterine contractions. While cooking in the kitchen, parsley will add flavor to the vegetable dishes.

8. Sage

Tea from sage is one of the effective herbal remedies. The drink will give various positive effects such as slowing the white hair, relieve fever, and also calm panic and nervousness. This tea can also calm gastric disease caused by stress and also treat infections in the mouth and throat. In cooking its use is more used as a seasoning sauce and trimmings. Both the flowers and leaves are very good for herbal tea.

Well that's him some herbs that can be grown in the area around the kitchen. In addition to good health, of course, will make the cuisine more tasty and delicious.


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