Here Is The Content Of The First Indonesian Ones Made Small Obama

Here Is The Content Of The First Indonesian Ones Made Small ObamaJAKARTA, – Former President of the United States Barack Obama was first doing the task of making up while sitting on the bench third grade at the El Fransiskus Asisi SD, Tebet, South Jakarta, tens of years ago.

Barry's writing, Obama's childhood greeting, is his first work made in Bahasa Indonesia.

Previously Obama had trouble because he only mastered English and new to know Indonesian while sitting in first grade elementary school.

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"She composed in Bahasa Indonesia at that time, my students are tasked to make essay from personal experience, story of daily experience," said elementary school teacher of St. Francis Asisi, Katarina Fermina Sinaga (68) when found at his residence, Menteng Dalam, Tebet, Friday (6/30/2017) evening.

Fermina recounts, every essay read to the students in front of the class. When it was Obama's turn, Fermina remembered how she simply told her everyday life.

"Barry read like this: 'I am Barry Obama I live in Menteng Dalam, RT so many RW so my mama inter me every morning If I go home, I'm alone My teacher is Bu Fer I love Indonesia Indonesia is beautiful, good. , 'so .. Like a movie, he's said to be done, funny is not it, "said Fermina imitating Obama's essay.

Indonesian had indeed become obstacles Obama during study in primary school. However, Obama's teachers work together to teach her to speak Indonesian.

Little Obama called to start fluent in Indonesian when stepping on the third grade elementary school.

Obama spent his childhood by attending two elementary schools in Jakarta, at the El Fransiskus Asisi (Tebet) Elementary School until the third grade and continued at SDN Menteng 01 (Menteng).

At SDN Menteng 01, now stands a statue to commemorate the small Obama, Menteng children who had attended school there and became President of the United States for two periods.Read: "I am Same Family Will Arrive Come See Live Obama"

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