Here’s 4 Best Online Boarding App Search On Android!

Here's 4 Best Online Boarding App Search On Android!Residence is of course our basic necessity. But the current house price is very expensive, so many people prefer to rent a room or called kos. Looking for a frank boarder is easy. In addition to price issues, there are also environmental issues or facilities and others.

Difficult to find kosan? Here it is the best online boarding app application on Android. Want to know? Let's read more below!

4 Best Online Kost Search Application

In today's digital age is not just looking for a girlfriend who can go online, search for his own lodging can also be online. So it's not hard to find the best online boarding, this is the ranks of its auxiliary applications.

1. Mami Kost

In the Mami Kost application, will instantly detect the availability of boarding around you. Once there is a match, immediately wrote chat owners and ask. Lazy ask? Check directly the details of the facilities and photos of his room, do not need to ask also the information is complete.

Download here: Mami Kost APK Terbaru

2. KosKost

Can not what you are looking for at Mami Kost? Also try this Koskost app. One of the features that Jaka thinks best of this app is its detailed search feature. So you do not need to tuh bother check one by one, just input what you are looking for.

Download here: KosKost APK Terbaru

3. InfoKostWant to search for daily kosan for the holidays, immediately deh cobain this application. In total there are more than 20 thousand choices of rooms scattered in big cities such as Jakarta, Bali, Bogor, Depok, Tanggerang and Bekasi. Starting from the usual kosan room to the villa there is a choice, just adjust to your needs.

Download here: InfoKost APK Terbaru

4. IbuKost

If the above applications spoil the kosan searchers, in the application this time will also spoil the owners kosan. The reason is through this application kosan management will become much easier. Even with this application, can also be done booking online room.

Download here:

Apparently a lot of apps search for the best online boarding on Android. If you again need to search kosan, just install the application row above. Hopefully useful yes!

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