Here’s 7 Starter Generation Pokemon, Which Is The Best

Here's 7 Starter Generation Pokemon, Which Is The BestPokemon is an animated film from Japan or commonly referred to as anime that means Pocket Monsters or monsters in the pocket.

The basic concept is that humans can have animals that exist in the Pokemon world and capture them with a ball (poke ball). This captured Pokemon can be trained or maintained and can evolve.

Here's 7 Starter Generation Pokemon

Since the anime was first released on September 30, 1998, Pokemon has released 7 generations to date with different Pokemon starters. Have a different starting pokemon starters, but with special Pokemon Pikachu still there. Curious about this information? Please see below …

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1. Pokemon Generation I List: 151 Species

Released on September 30, 1998, First Generation introduced 151 Pokemon species and has a city setting named Kanto inspired from the city of Kanto in Japan.

2. Pokemon Generation II List: 100 Species

Generation II has 100 new species which means the total Pokemon species currently are 251 species that can be collected. This second generation slid in early 1999 and has a city setting named Johto inspired from the city of Kansai in Japan.

3. Pokemon Generasi III List: 135 Species

Introducing 135 new species of Pok�mon species, Generation III was released in 2002 with a city setting named Hoenn. It is said Hoenn city is inspired from Kyushu city in Japan.4. Pokemon Generasi IV List: 107 Species

Generation IV introduced 107 new Pokemon and currently total Pokemon species totaling 493 species. Generation IV was launched in 2006 with a city setting named Sinnoh which is related to Hokkaido city in Japan.

5. Pokemon Generation V List: 156 Species

Introduced with 156 new species of Pokemon species, Generation V slid on September 18, 2010. This generation V Pokemon has a city setting called Unova. It is said that the city is inspired from the city of New York.

6. Pokemon Generation VI List: 72 Species

In Generation VI, there are 72 new species with a town setting called Kalos. The city is inspired from France and launched on January 8, 2013.

7. Pokemon Generation VII List: 81 Species

Generation VII or Sun & Moon was released on February 27, 2016, and has a city setting named Alola which is surrounded by 4 islands. There are 81 new Pokemon types which means up to now the total Pokemon that can be collected as much as 802.

The final word

That's the 7th generation of Pokemon to date, and there are rumors that the VIII-generation Pok�mon may appear, but it still can not be confirmed for that. For those of you who are curious to have one Pokemon of a total of 802, there is now an interesting game called Poke Monster and can eliminate your curiosity. For those who want to try directly, just DOWNLOAD HERE!

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