Here’s a Portrait of the Differences of Life in South Korea and North Korea. Contrast Once Yes The View!

Here's a Portrait of the Differences of Life in South Korea and North Korea. Contrast Once Yes The View!South Korea and North Korea are two conflicting neighboring countries since 1953. Understandably, the two countries share a different ideology. If South Korea is modern with the principle of capitalist economy and a republic, North Korea still has a socialist economy and a communist state.

The outcome of the ideology of both countries will obviously lead to development with a different approach. If South Korea looks increasingly modern with tall buildings with an adopted American market economy, North Korea still shuts itself from the outside world and maintains its own culture.

Jacob Laukaitis traveled to the two Koreas. A year before, when a tour in North Korea his passport was taken by officers. North Korea is the weirdest country for Jacob. For that he distributed the following comparison of South Korea and North Korea

This is how South Koreans spend their spare time. They sit around and rest in the city park

Meanwhile, North Koreans hardly have the free time they use at will. Here's how they fill their time

The lives of young people in South Korea are very contemporary and even a trend in other countries, including Indonesia

Meanwhile, the style of youth dress in North Korea is like 70-80s style. So, but it's unique

As a country with Hyundai car manufacturers, it is natural that South Korea's parking lot is crowded with cars and buses

Here's the daze of parking in North Korea. Lha if there is no vehicle, why make a parking lot huh?

Street conditions in South Korea are clearly very crowded and crowded vehicles. Private cars to buses filled the highway

Meanwhile, the streets in the North are very quiet. But if rich like this, not very beautiful huh? Not frenzied and organizedNot only in the city alone, Jacob also play to the villages in South Korea. Here's a sighting of the rice paddies there

As a communist socialist state, North Korea is certainly very moving labor-intensive enterprises in the countryside

The campuses in South Korea are also very modern both the learning and the campus infrastructure itself. One of these photos

From this picture there is no difference which means actually lectures in North Korea with South Korea. It just looks like a lecture in the days of yore with uniforms as well

The train station in South Korea is the best and most modern train in the world. Here's the sighting of the train station there

Meanwhile, the train station in North Korea looks just like this. But the interior of the station is pretty cool

For you who want to listen to Jacob's journey in South Korea and North Korea, there is a video that you can see!

These two countries each have an ideology that is the principle of the state. So, we do not need to contend with the ideological choice. Let South Korea grow more modern with technology and drama koreanya. Let the North keep the communist ideology in order to organize its country. No need to fight just because of conflicting ideology?

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