Here’s How Can Stayie Self Although Full Memory Smartphone

Here's How Can Stayie Self Although Full Memory SmartphoneInternal memory capacity on most recent smartphone-smartphone output has large storage space. However, it in fact is also directly proportional to the increasing needs of smartphone users will be large memory capacity. Especially with our tendency to perpetuate every precious moment, it is no wonder if our memory capacity of the majority is filled with photos or video.

Unfortunately, many cases happen that the memory is suddenly full and no longer able to accommodate new photos. It was somewhat annoying especially when we missed the moment precious moment simply because it can not take photos.

How To Keep A Photo Even With Full Memory

You include people who have or have experienced the incident as in the picture above? Rikes will love you tips on how to keep selfie or take any photo even if your smartphone memory is full alias not loaded:

Open the Snapchat App

Yes, you did not read it wrong. The first step is to open the Snapchat app that is on your smartphone. Although you've rarely played, but this one application can solve the problems you face again. Have not had or have ever unisntall? Install again aja.

Take Photos and Save

Instantly use the available snap feature. Here, you can immediately take photos without having to worry about the full memory and so on. After the photo is completed, immediately save by pressing the "Save" icon located in the lower left position.

Photo Saved without Eating Memory Capacity

The photo you took just now has been saved in "Memories". Believe it or not, the photo is saved without consuming the memory capacity of your smartphone!

The final wordThat's the tips to keep a selfie or take a photo when your smartphone's memory is full. Interested to try? Okay. But another suggestion from Jaka, especially if you have abundant money, better buy external memory, bro!

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