Here’s How Gadget Rays Damage the Eyes,

Here's How Gadget Rays Damage the Eyes, – You must already know that the eyes are constantly exposed to blue rays of gadgets like smartphones can damage the health of the eye. Especially with the growing and increasingly sophisticated technology and everyone needs the gadget, many people spend their time in front of the electronic screen.

The Nielsen Company audience reports that the average American adult at least spends 8 hours 47 minutes per day staring at the gadget screen. And this is not much different for other people in the world, including Indonesia.

Anam Qureshi, MD, assistant professor of NYH ophthalmology clinic Langone, said that blue light from electronic hazards to the eye due to the lens and the cornea does not filter the light as it enters the eye and when long-term exposure occurs, it can cause retinal damage and the onset of macular degeneration.

In general, many people experience computer vision syndrome, ie dry eye syndrome and eye muscle cramps that make blurry vision, hard to see objects in focus especially to recognize the red color and even cause headaches.

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What's worse, some studies also show that blue light can inhibit the release of melatonin, a hormone that helps the body maintain a healthy sleep cycle. That's why you get so sleepy if too often staring at gadgets, especially before bed.

A simple way to keep your eyes from distractions is to reduce the use of gadgets. Compress your eyes after work. If your work is in front of the computer, take a break for at least 20 minutes once for 20 seconds or look at distant objects. Blink more often than not to dry, because when you are serious, the eyes will blink less frequently.

Want a more effective way? Take a day off for leave, go traveling to the beach or mountains, away from the smartphone signals and refresh your eyes ladies with the natural landscape.

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