Here’s How to Add Geolocation Sticker Jakarta in Instagram Stories

Here's How to Add Geolocation Sticker Jakarta in Instagram StoriesInstagram has launched Stories feature since half a year ago, precisely in August 2016. Snapchat-like service is growing rapidly and much preferred by users of Instragram.

Well the good news for you enthusiast Instagram Stories, Facebook photo and video sharing app that has introduced a new feature for Stories called Geolocation Sticker. Curious? Here's how to add GeoStiker Jakarta in Instagram Stories.

How to Add Geolocation Sticker Jakarta 'Stories' in Instagram

With this Geolocation Sticker feature, each time you create Stories, you can add location-based stickers in certain places. Actually, Snapchat has released Geoloacion Sticker feature in its service last year. How to?

Update your Instagram app to the latest version ie to version 10.11 for Android and iOS.
Open your Instagram app and select 'Your Story' located at the top left corner.
Now snap a photo or record a video, it can be in normal, boomerang, or hands free form.
To add a Geolocation Sticker, click the 'sticker icon' on the top right and select 'Location'.
Next you can choose a new Jakarta sticker that represents your location. Another sticker can appear when visiting certain places or landmarks.

What is most interesting in the Geolocation Sticker feature in Instagram Stories? Yes, currently Geolocation Sticker is available only two cities only namely Jakarta and New York.

It is unknown why Instagram chose Jakarta and New York as the location of this GeoStiker feature launch. But clearly, these two locations must have its own privileges.

You live outside Jakarta? Do not be sad, Geolocation Sticker feature is also going to be present in other areas. That's how to add Geolocation Sticker Jakarta in Instagram Stories, what do you think?

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