Here’s How to Display More Song Lyrics You Hear

Here's How to Display More Song Lyrics You HearEmang hell already a lot of lyric apps songs that immediately appear on the screen of your phone when you tune Music Player, for example musiXmatch and minilyric. You can karaokean through hp without fear of wrong lyrics. Maybe floating lyrics like that app is fun, but you need one app that is fresh and simple, and more convenient to use. QuickLyric can be the answer for you. So here's how to display the lyrics of the song you hear again.

If you do not like your HP screen full of the same lyrics that popping up when you set the music in Music Player, QuickLyric application can be your alternative without having to bete see HP screen. This Guillaume developer app looks for lyrics for the song you're tuning with just one simple button with no lyrics floating around on your screen.

Here is How to Use QuickLyric:

1. Install QuickLyric

Before you can use the features available in this app, you should know that the QuickLyric application is FREE and WITHOUT ADS. Cool really, it's easy to use, simple application interface, using Google Material Design, and no ads anyway. You can download the FREE app on JalanTikus:

2. Display Menu In QuickLyric

Lyrics Roughly like this is the look of the lyrics that appear on your phone. In this case, JalanMikus uses the Sony Xperia Z LTE C 6603 smartphone.
Saved Lyrics You can save the lyrics you often sing through the Save button listed above the lyrics.
Settings Before using this app, you can go to the Settings menu and set up QuickLyric app as you wish. You can automatically refresh song lyrics and ignore long tracks. Customize with your choice.

3. Go to your Music Player

To start using this app, you can set one of your favorite songs, then return to the QuickLyric app to get the lyrics. In this case mimin using the default Music Player from Sony Xperia Z, the Sony Walkman. And when signed into the QuickLyric app, the lyrics of Best Thing I Never Had from Beyonce are loading by themselves.

You can change other songs to your liking and this app will automatically search for lyrics that are suitable for you to sing.

4. You Can Also Search and Share Lyric on QuickLyricSearch LyricKamu bisa mencari lirik di Saved Lyric, LyricWiki, and Genius provided this application.

Share LyricKamu can share this lyrics to your friends in your social media. Can be on BBM, Line, Whatsapp, and others.

How? Easy and simple right? Do not forget to download QuickLyric application on JalanTikus and give comment below after try it yes.

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