Here’s how to Open Netflix Blocked by the Government of Indonesia

Here's how to Open Netflix Blocked by the Government of IndonesiaYou guys like to watch movies? If yes definitely know the site where the most popular streaming film is Netflix. In fact maybe one of you have often watched a favorite movie through this Netflix streaming service. Well, some time ago telecommunications operators in Indonesia in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Informatics agreed to block this streaming service. As a movie maniac you must be disappointed with this. Netflix itself is a subscription service that can be enjoyed from Smart TV, computers, tablets, game consoles to mobile devices.

Therefore now we will discuss how to keep us watching our favorite movies on Netflix through your Android smartphone.

Netflix Unblocking Solution Solution

Many ways that we can use to escape from the Internet blocked by the government. One way is to use Virtual Private Network or VPN. Well, there are many VPNs available on the Play Store and one of the easiest and widely used VPNs to access government blocked sites is Hotspot Shield.

First, download and install Hotspot Shield in the Play Store via your Android smartphone or on the link below. Then open the app and do the following steps:

How to Use Hotspot Shield to Open Blocked Sites

Open the Hotspot Shield app already installed on your smartphone.

Then press "OK" button to continue.

After that will appear the connect button and the description of the IP address of the country which will be used. By default the IP address used is from the United States. If you want to change it you should upgrade your Hotspot Shield first to Pro version. But to open Netflix, free version was enough. If you want to start using Hotspot Shield, press "connect" button.

Wait a minute for the app to check the network used, after connecting try you open the Netflix application available on your Android smartphone.

Tadaaa! Netflix is ??not blocked anymore by the government on your smartphone.Easy not to get away from the government block? Well, for you who want tetep watching streaming on Netflix but lazy to use the application, you can use Google DNS. How to use Google DNS you can read in the article How to Access Indonesian Government Blocked Site Without Software with Google DNS. Good luck!

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