Here’s How To Protect Skin Face From Air Pollution

Here's How To Protect Skin Face From Air, Jakarta Did you know that exposure to pollution can be obtained not only outdoors (outdoor), for example, sourced from motor vehicle fumes and building materials, but can also pollution obtained from the indoor (indoor) that comes from cigarette smoke or gas during cooking.

In general, residents who live in big cities are more difficult to avoid air pollution exposure because pollutant levels in big cities are higher when compared to small towns / rural areas. In addition, the surrounding environment such as the number of construction and motor vehicles is also a common sight found in big cities.

Well, what about us Indonesian women who do daily activities as well as residents of big cities that have the potential of exposure to polluters more than sub-urban?

In fact there are not women who love facial skin exposed to sunlight, dust, air pollution from outside vehicle fumes or the streets, all almost avoid and cover the face by hand or wear facial masks, with cover reasons to protect their facial skin from getting dirty.

Cape does not have to cover the facial skin aka dare not face the air pollution and continue to fear the skin will be bad because of the impact of air pollution? Let's start from now taking care and protecting our facial skin from air pollution with the right steps as presented by dr. R. Amanda Soemantri, SpKK, as follows:

1. Drinking water in large quantities every day can help restore skin moisture that becomes dry due to air pollution.

2. Wash your face 2 – 3 times daily using a mild soap to remove pollutant particles from the skin surface without irritating the skin further.

3. Use a facial cleanser that can pick up chemicals from pollution.

4. Apply a moisturizer every day to replace the natural moisturizing levels of skin lost from the skin due to exposure to air pollution.

From the 4 points above we can conclude that to face the environment full of toxins and against urban pollution, it takes a facial cleanser that can clean more deeply. Make sure that when you want to wash your face do not get the wrong face soap because it's the right thing to do to take care of your facial skin and make it healthy and clean up into the pores.

Yep, PONDS Pure White Facial Foam the right choice and pollution solution for your facial skin! Innovation 3x Purify Power from PONDS Pure White Facial Foam can cleanse the skin up into the pores and overcome the pollution attached to the skin.POND Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam contains active carbon technology, a unique combination of black activated charcoal, bamboo charcoal (known to absorb and remove pollutant dirt and dust), and Vitamin B3 (known to brighten the skin). Active carbon content, PONDS Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam works to cleanse the skin from pollutants / pollutants, so it will produce 3x skin more radiant clean with regular and regular use of course.

PONDS will continue to campaign Pollution Solutions to be able to build urban community awareness, especially urban women about the importance to keep the skin from the dangers of pollution and its impact, especially on facial skin. For more information visit

No more fear tuh stories with air pollution!

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