Here’s How to See Holidays and Red Date 2016 on Google Calendar

Here's How to See Holidays and Red Date 2016 on Google CalendarBy 2016, guys! What are the plans for the next year? Surely you have prepared many resolutions that must be achieved in this year, right? Hopefully your resolution in this year can be achieved yes. Speaking of resolution, is there a plan for a holiday? If there is a vacation plan, let's see when the red date of 2016 is.

Why is the 2016 red date to be noticed from the start? Yes let you see when it's off, and prepare everything from now on. So you can nabung, siapin what to carry and everything with installments. Let me be easy, here's how to see 2016 calendar holidays directly on your Android.

View Holidays on Calendar 2016

Jaka sure, you must have replaced the calendar function at home with the calendar on your Android right? Jaka was so, already there is no longer a good name calendar in the room or in the office. Therefore Jaka uses a calendar on Android.

As a reminder, Jaka never shared an article on How to Show a Holidays Calendar on Your Android. There Jaka give you how to use Android to see holidays straight from your Android.

List of Holidays in 2016

By using Google Calendar's national holiday calendar, you can easily view the 2016 holiday list. How, open the Google Calendar web page with your favorite browser application using Desktop mode. Or it will be easier if you open it directly from PC. After that, please log in.

There, you search the Calendars Other menu, then click and select Browse Interesting Calendars. Please search for Indonesian holiday calendar or Holidays in Indonesia, then select Preview.

In the Preview view, select the Organizer tab. The goal is that you can see all the agenda of holiday 2016. You could see per week or per month if you want to see it in detail and at the same time set the schedule for the day off.

You can also select Print to print the agenda of his day off. There, please set the calendar, eg from January 1, 2016 until December 31, 2016. So you can have a special calendar to see the red dates 2016.

If you do not like the print format, you can save it as a PDF file by selecting the Save button while printing. Later this PDF file you can see anytime, and also you share to your friends or family.Easy is not the way to see this 2016 holiday? You no longer need to buy a print calendar just to see the 2016 date of crocodile doang. In addition to saving money, you also so follow to preserve the environment by not using paper.

Oh yes, this is a list of long holidays and national holiday (harpitnas) during the year 2016. Hopefully useful.

Well, congratulate the plan to fill the holiday during the year 2016!

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