Here’s the Cool Appearance of Trans Sumatra’s Air Toll

Here's the Cool Appearance of Trans Sumatra's Air, Jakarta A number of Trans Sumatera toll roads have entered the construction phase. Although not entirely functional, some parts and toll roads were already visible form. Here's the picture seen from the air,

Based on photos obtained from the Toll Road Regulatory Agency of the Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing, the most visible toll road developments in the Bakauheni-Terbanggi Besar, Medan-Binjai and Palembang Indralaya segments

A number of toll roads also have intersections and interchanges that look magnificent from the air. A number of segments are also seen as red or swamp land and plantations whose land has not yet been cleared.

There are also segments that have been coated with asphalt and concrete seamless and tested to cross the car. Heavy equipment is still visible around the project.

Following the sighting of the cool Trans Sumatera toll road project;

1. Bakauheni-Big Broken

1. Bakauheni-Big Broken

As of March 2017, Bakauheni-Terbanggi Besar toll road has been built 23.88 percent from a total of 140 kilometers (km).

This toll has 4 sections with an investment cost of Rp 16.8 trillion and land costs of Rp 1.1 trillion. Most of the land has been acquired, reaching 78.25 percent.

2. Medan-Binjai

2. Medan-BinjaiAs of March, the Medan-Binjai toll road construction has reached 54.18 percent, while land acquisition has reached 88.10. That means living some of the liberated fields.

This toll will extend along 16.72 km and has 3 sections. Data from the Ministry of PUPR said that Medan-Binjai has invested Rp 1.29 trillion for construction and Rp 495 billion for land.

3. Palembang-Indralaya

3. Palembang-Indralaya

Construction of construction for the Palembang-Indralaya deer as of March 2017 reached 52.68 percent, while the land was almost complete, reaching 96.62 percent. This toll is targeted to operate between 2017-2018.

Palembang-Indralaya will stretch along 21.93 km divided into 3 sections.

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