Here’s the Face of the Earth When the Ice at the Pole Melts. Many Drowned Cities, Including Indonesia!

Here's the FaceWhat is the condition of the earth if the polar ice melts? Due to global warming, every year sea water rise drastically. Snow in the mountains was getting melted. Well, if the polar ice melt also come, what will happen to this earth later?

If the ice on land and at the poles melt to elevate sea level as high as 216 feet or 65 meters only, there are already dozens of cities in the world that will drown. Moreover, if the poles melt completely, can be discharged half the land on this earth.

National Geographic mapping the shape of the earth if there is a rise in sea water as high as 65 meters just result of melting ice at the poles and mountains. What country and which city is missing on earth? Get ready to be amazed ya see these pictures.

We start from North America, cities in the eastern United States are almost gone. While North America and South America are connected in Mexico is almost cut off!

The cities of Boston, New York to Washington DC are in danger of disappearing from the face of the earth. Along the east coast of America, and also Canada, until Miami will be the ocean. While in the west, San Francisco, Los Angeles, California is not too severe. While Mexico and Panama are initially connected can be cut off by the flow of water.

As a lowland area, many northeastern South Americans are submerged in the ocean. Brazil's tropical forests are most affected

The eastern part of Brazil is overwhelmingly waterlogged. Buenos Aires in Argentina and Montevideo in Uruguay will disappear. While Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay and Rio de Janeiro Brazil is still safe. Safe here does not mean nothing happens. At least the city's filters did not disappear.

The world will lose a great civilization in Europe. Imagine, the Dutch disappear entirely, Brussels and London drown sink, Venice drown, Scandinavian cities vanished!

Venice, Florence, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Bremen and Hamburg live memories. While cities in the former Soviet Union are inundated from Caspian Sea and Black Sea lakes.

Of all Continents, it was Africa that experienced the least impact of a 65 meter sea level rise. Only western Africa suffered the most severe events!

Only Dakar and Bissau are completely lost. While others are relatively safe though threatened as well. Cairo is in danger of being lost in the NileFrom Asia, bid farewell to Singapore, Cambodia, Maldives and Bangladesh. Cities in China, India and Southeast Asia also drowned. Yet this lost area is occupied by more than 1 billion residents for now

Maldives or Maldives a wonderful historical stay. India and China lost much of the land. Singapore, Cambodia and Bangladesh are missing. While the Middle East lost important cities, Dubai (UAE), Doha (Qatar) and Kuwait City (Kuwait). Three rich countries in the Middle East for the time being.

Southeast Asia and Australia. Well this is Indonesia's turn. Almost a third of the land of Indonesia is gone! Your town did not drown?

The bad news, the cities along the coast of Sumatra run out. Banda Aceh, Medan, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Jambi, Padang, Bengkulu and Bangka Belitung sink! Only Bandarlampung and Jambi may still be saved. Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, vanished! Java island leaving only big city like Bandung, Jogja, Solo, Malang which still exist. Bali, Lombok and its surroundings are safe. It's just that the city may be submerged in sea water.

Kalimantan lost all its big cities. Sulawesi is relatively safe while Papua lost half its land! Merauke had no trace

Antarctica, there is an island that appears when the ice melts!

So how, your town will sink submerged nih? Let's reduce global warming. It should take hundreds of years for this earth-like scenario to happen. But with the rapid global warming, the ice melts faster. Is not it scary? Hopefully we do not experience it yes.

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