Here’s the Trash Pumps that Snares civil servants of the Environment

Here's the Trash Pumps that Snares civil servants of the EnvironmentJakarta – JU civil servant (PNS) who worked as a staff in Jakarta Environment Agency was caught red-handed (illegal levies). Within a month, JU can get Rp 12 million from the waste takers.

Head of West Jakarta District Attorney, Reda Mantovani, said, in carrying out its action, JU took two members of orange troops with initials AH and IM.

"We received Rp 12 million in total per month of the civil servant," he said. (He) JU initiative sees the sikon (situation and condition) in the field, "Reda told, Jakarta, Monday (24/7/2017).

Reda explained, from the examination, the illegal mode was initiated when the two orange troops had requested a quota for each waste cart who threw in the TPS Rp 500 thousand per month. This levy took place at TPS Kembangan, West Jakarta.

"There are about 10 carts in the TPS (Kembangan) and then the 500 thousand collected will then be distributed to truckers transporting garbage from TPS to TPA and also to some parties related to garbage disposal in the field," Reda said.

Reda added that the levy was on the order and the result of coordination with JU. From the pungli of each wagon, the two orange troops also set aside for JU.

"In addition PPSU officers will also insert some funds to unscrupulous civil servants who coordinate some polling stations in the District Kembangan," he added.

On the other hand, Reda asked the city government to fix the system or the flow of waste transport. According to him, illegal levies may arise because garbage trucks late to pick up garbage in the TPS. It becomes a gap for unscrupulous people to ask for more money to transport the trash quickly.

"Because this is not possible in all the TPS in Jakarta, it will burden the society," he said.

Hand Catch Operation

JU, who works as a staff member of Jakarta Environment Agency, was caught red-handed (illegal) levies. The extortion fee was given by two officers of the Handling of Facilities and Public Infrastructure (PPSU) or orange troops with initials AH and IM.Operation of Hand Capture (OTT) on all three occurred at 09.00 am, Wednesday, July 5, 2017 at the Disposal Place (TPS) in Kembangan, West Jakarta.

"The catch is found money from the PPSU deposit of unscrupulous staff LH Rp 1.5 million," said Reda.

According to him, the three directly asked for information to trace who-anyone who allegedly involved illegal pungli. He added that from the temporary examination, the illegal money came from each cart that transported residents' garbage.

"PPSU officers assigned to the TPS will ask for a quota on every garbage cart that dumps waste at the TPS of Rp 500 thousand per month," said Reda.

He said, it was deeper how long the three individuals are playing.

"We have to live in West Jakarta as part of the Pungli saber team to hand over PNS and 2 PPSU (Handling of Public Facilities and Infrastructure) to the West Jakarta municipal inspectorate," Reda stressed.

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