Hidden Aloe Vera, This Beautiful Vlogger Eat Toxic Plants

Hidden Aloe Vera, This Beautiful Vlogger Eat Toxic Plants

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Vemale.com – Currently, streaming live on a YouTube channel is one of the coolest and most memorable activities. It is also an activity to earn extra money easily through the advancement of information and communication technology. Not a few famous local and international vloggers who try their luck by doing live streaming YouTube and presenting interesting content.

But Ladies, please note that to serve interesting content, we must be vigilant and careful. Do not get, because you want to present our interesting content is less careful and negligent, so endanger yourself.

Zhang eats poisonous plants thought to be aloe vera Copyright by YouTube.com/Blagag!

A beautiful Chinese vlogger known as Zhang some time ago had to be rushed to the nearest hospital after a live streaming of YouTube. At that time, the beautiful woman was serving content where he ate directly aloe vera plant. Her personal YouTube channel is titled "Aloe Vera Feast."

But unfortunately, quoted from the page shanghaiist.com, aloe vera that he ate is not ordinary plants. Aloe vera is a poisonous plant that can cause death. The plant is Agave Americana, a toxic plant from Mexico.

During the live broadcast, in his first bite Zhang was seen enjoying. On the second bite, the woman says if the taste of the plant is so bitter and her throat is burning. Zhang immediately stopped the live streaming and went to the nearest hospital.

Zhang feels his throat burning in the second bite | Copyright by YouTube.com/Blagag!

The beautiful woman said that her mouth was numb, her throat burning and nauseated. When getting treatment at the hospital, the doctor said he had been poisoned. Agave Americana that he eats contains a very deadly poison. The toxin can cause severe skin irritation, indigestion, eye damage and death if the sap is consumed more than 100 ml.

The very sad story of Ladies. We all certainly hope that this kind of incident never happens again. May heal quickly and recover Zhang.

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