HIDRAM, water ride zonder electric

HIDRAM, water ride zonder electric

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"U bs ??make a tool to pump water up without electricity right?

Yes the name is hidram, why?

There is a village in Babadan Magelang need bgt clean water can help?

That piece of conversation via SMS with a friend who is active as a volunteer of Merapi disaster. The next day we have slid to a location on the western slopes of Mount Merapi. Apparently the village has for several years been using energy efficient technology to pump water from river kekampung to meet the daily water needs. Cold lava ferociously crashed into the river and washed away the installation of hydrams mounted on the riverbank.

Hydraulic Ram Pump is actually a simple technology that has been developed since the late 1800s. At that time this technology was even mentioned as one of the most important discoveries in human history. The presence of water pumps with electric power makes Hidram less attractive to develop. However, many areas in Indonesia are not getting electricity. In places like that hydram is very precise and useful to install.

Several times we had to install a hydram pump outside the island, or send it to distant places. Of course such a thing is not practical and expensive, but this pump is not difficult to make with raw materials to be had in the iron shops.

Here's a quick look at the workings and tips on creating your own hydra pump.

-This pump needs stable flowing water with elevation / height of 3 meters

-From the water source, the water is fed into the reservoir / tranquilizer to stabilize the incoming water supply to the hydram pump

-From tranquilizers flowed with iron / galvanic pipe (pralon not strong) along approximately 18 meters or 3 pipes into the hydra pump.

The water enters the pump and with its pressure will move the pendulum pendulum up and down. In the process the water will be wasted more or less out of the incoming water.-More water will enter into the tube that has been installed valve and will be pushed up Roughly from the input. This water will rise up to the top.

-Hydram pump mounted on a strong foundation (cast cement), because the incoming water vibration is very strong.

-If water will be raised at an altitude above 50 meters, hydram mounted engine mounting to dampen vibration, the higher the water flowed vibration vibration is getting stronger

-If the altitude to be reached is quite extreme approximately 100 meters need to be installed elastic rubber between the hydra and the output pipe, this is also to dampen the vibration

For the need to raise water at an altitude above 25 meters, it is better to use a pump with iron material.

hydra assembly

elastic to suppress vibration

hidram from 3 inch paralon

on-site installation

hydram works

good luck … hydrant installation in atambua – NTT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycUNoSvSVKE hidram in making https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0sxT7dcpV4

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