Highest Cholesterol-Lowering Fruit Most Powerful

Highest Cholesterol-Lowering Fruit Most PowerfulThere are many ways done by people with high cholesterol in lowering cholesterol, such as by regulating a healthy diet, one way to consume cholesterol-lowering fruit. Yes, fresh fruits can lower cholesterol in a natural way, although the process is slower than using cholesterol-lowering drugs, but by eating fruit will get more satisfying results because it is safer and without side effects.

So, what are the fruits that can lower bad cholesterol? the following we will summarize for you and do not worry! because there are many types of fruit, when you do not like one or more, you can choose other fruit alternatives.

1. Avocado

During this time there is the assumption that the avocado is a fruit that contains lots of fat and is not good for health. Avocado does contain a lot of fat, which is about 16 percent. But the fat on the avocado is a healthful fat, because 63% of its constituents are unsaturated fatty acids, especially monounsaturated fatty acids.

Eating avocados will actually help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) is very bad for health. Unsaturated fat in avocado serves as a nutritious antioxidant to keep our blood vessels from arterial damage due to accumulation of LDL cholesterol (low density lipoprotein).

In addition to cholesterol-lowering fruit, avocados are also very good for people with diabetes because it contains lots of omega-9 and fiber. Omega-9 and fiber is efficacious to keep blood sugar levels in our body.

2. Tomatoes

In addition to Avocados, tomatoes also include the most potent cholesterol-lowering fruit. Even a research report in the journal Maturitas says, cooked tomatoes have almost the same benefits with cholesterol-lowering chemical drugs such as statins (heart disorders drugs). The difference, tomatoes do not give bad side effects such as muscle pain, weakness and even nerve damage

The secret of this tomato efficacy is in the lycopene compound which gives the red color to the ripe tomatoes. Lycopene is an important antioxidant that is efficacious to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. In addition to lycopene, tomatoes also contain potassium and B vitamins that can lower cholesterol and high blood pressure.

To get the best lycopene content, tomatoes should be cooked first because lycopene will become more easily absorbed by the body. 50 grams of pasta or half liter of tomato juice will provide protection from heart disease.

3. LimeThis one fruit is not not too much consumed directly. Lime is more widely used as a friend to drink or mixed in cooking. Lime contains flavonoid compounds that efficacious inhibit the production of LDL cholesterol, so it will automatically reduce the risk of heart attack. In addition to the lime, flavonoids are also found in tea, tomatoes, broccoli, soybeans, pomegranate, and onion and bombay.

To enjoy the lime, simply by thinly slicing and input into the glass. Pour hot water and wait 30 minutes, then drunk until it runs out. Should be taken twice a day, morning and night. Do not worry about your stomach, because lime will not make your stomach so sore.

4. Watermelon

Who does not know this fresh fruit, in addition to eliminate thirst quickly, it turns out the watermelon is also included in the list of cholesterol-lowering fruit. This is dikteahui because in watermelon contained likopen as well as on tomatoes that can lower levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

5. Apple

This one fruit is famous for healthy, and now we know that apple is one of the cholesterol-lowering fruit because the content of beta-glucan substances that play a role in controlling the production of cholesterol. Apple is also a source of soluble fiber that can lower cholesterol and prevent arteries hardens and protects the body against heart attacks and strokes.

We can enjoy this fruit while getting the benefits by way of eating directly or in the form of juice. Apples can also be made vinegar. Eating apple vinegar regularly can lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL). In addition, apples are a powerful fruit for diabetics and apple cider vinegar is known to increase insulin sensitivity of type 2 diabetics.

6. Pear

This fruit is an excellent source of water soluble fiber (soluble fiber and forming substance) such as gel including pectin. And although apples usually have a high pectin content, the pear actually has a higher pectin. Therefore, the pear into one of the cholesterol-lowering fruit. Pectin in pears also helps in intestinal cleansing and stools.

7. Banana

Bananas are a good source of dietary fiber, which can help reduce low-density lipoprotein LDL or bad cholesterol. In addition, potassium in bananas can also help lower blood pressure, and in turn, can lower bad cholesterol and heart healthy.8. Guava Red

Guava has been widely consumed by juice. Guava juice is believed to be a good intake for patients with dengue fever. In addition to these benefits, red guava is also one of the good cholesterol-lowering fruit. This is because the guava contains many vitamins and good compounds such as flavonoids, vitamins C and E, carotenoids and selenium.

Antioxidants Flavonoids are known to be good at lowering bad cholesterol and triglycerides. The results showed, the consumption of guava juice for 2 months with measured doses can reduce cholesterol levels up to 52.64% of the total and 82.23% LDL. This means the efficacy of guava red is not inferior to 3.6 mg of simvastatin per kg body weight.

In addition to the above compounds, red guava also contains lycopene, but the content is not as much as tomatoes.

9. Wine

In addition to tasty and fresh, grapes also have many benefits for good health. one of which is as a powerful cholesterol-lowering. Grape contains fiber and various types of flavonoid compounds and catechin substances that merit lower LDL cholesterol, while increasing good cholesterol (HDL). To get the benefits of this fruit to the maximum, you should drink two glasses of wine each day.


Blueberries are highly recommended by health experts as an effective cholesterol-lowering fruit. Pterostilbene compounds contained in blueberry fruit is able to stimulate receptor proteins that exist in the cell, which plays an important role in lowering cholesterol and other body fat. The workings of this compound turned out to be similar to Ciprofibrate, a cholesterol-lowering chemical drug that is quite effective. The difference, blueberries work more accurately with the target of liver cell receptors. The resulting side effects were almost nonexistent. While Ciprofibrate often makes users feel nauseous and muscle pain.

To get the benefits of blueberries optimally, this fruit should be consumed in fresh condition. In addition to blueberries, plums and strawberries also have similar nutritional content.

11. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is much consumed in the form of pomegranate juice. But still rarely people who make their own pomegranate juice. Most pomegranate juice consumed is packaged juice. The results of research conducted National Academy of Sciences (USA) proved that pomegranate juice can increase the production of nitric oxide that helps reduce the accumulation of plaque on the arteries. The content of antioxidants in pomegranates is reportedly three times more than red wine.That's some fruits that are very effective in lowering high cholesterol. Eat regularly and regularly to get high cholesterol quickly down. May be useful.

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